Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Happy VALUE Day!' - Military Family Month - November



'Happy VALUE Day!'  Military Family

Join us as we honor the Presidential Proclamation that November is Military Family Month.   

President Barack H. Obama, U.S.Commander in Chief, issued this recognition on October 29, 2010.  

Here is a link to the document honoring our military personnel:POTUS B.H.Obama, Commander in Chief, declares November as Military Family Month.

Military Families Speak Out at the 2008 Republ...Image via Wikipedia
The White House
Office of the Press Secretary

Presidential Proclamation--Military Family Month

We owe each day of security and freedom that we enjoy to the members of our Armed Forces and their families. Behind our brave service men and women, there are family members and loved ones who share in their sacrifice and provide unending support. During Military Family Month, we celebrate the exceptional contributions of our military families, and we reaffirm our commitments to these selfless individuals who exemplify the highest principles of our Nation.

We learned about this declaration from a tweet we follow on our Twitter @EnjoyHi5Autism :
Families United
A video dedicated to Military Family Month

...which referenced this tweet announcing this wonderful acknowledgement...

US Military Wife
Presidential Proclamation Military Family Month November 2010 - Across America, military families inspire us all...

This month, we will dedicate our Sundays to organizations that support Autism and other developmental disability needs for the U.S. Military.

"We dedicate this post to our niece Michelle and family, 
as well as, 
our nephew Raymond.  
We love you.  God Bless!"

{Signing off to call our military family members and thank them for their sacrificial dedication.}

'Happy VALUE Day!'  Military Families

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