Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Federal Appeals Court OKs Class Action Lawsuit for Families Denied Autism Therapy

Map of the geographic boundaries of the variou...Image via Wikipedi
Patti's Blog - Advocate for Elders, People with Disabilities and Their Families: Federal Appeals Court OKs Class Action Lawsuit for Families Denied Autism Therapy
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National Autism Standards

Take part in consultation on National Autism Standards - Autism Education Trust

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Grading System in Florida Wouldn't Grade Special Ed. Schools - On Special Education - Education Week

New Grading System in Florida Wouldn't Grade Special Ed. Schools - On Special Education - Education Week

Your Child's Rights

It is IEP time!The Goodwin Procter IEP Guide -
Individualized Education Program
via Autism Speaks
Endeavor to KNOW Your Child's Rights
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Call for Applicants--Leadership Training for Autistic College Students


The Autistic Self Advocacy Network

'A Call for Applicants--Leadership Training for Autistic College Students


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"Enjoying the Hi5s of Autism"

"Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Special Ed. Parents Air Concerns with Whitehouse Dept of Special Education


See whom a select group of disability and education advocates met with at the WhiteHouse!



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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

we heart u

'we heart u'
Happy Valentine's Day!
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

'Grant's Eco Art - The Art of Autism ... Recycled Artwork'

'Grant's Eco Art - The Art of Autism ... Recycled Artwork'

"My name is Grant, I am 16 years old, I am an author, artist and speaker. 
I use cool colors, shapes, and textures.... I call my art 'COOLAGES'.  I wish to share my eco-art talent with everyone.
I paint by paper...I recycle and create cool works of collage art using magazines, calendars, wallpaper, envelopes, posters, kleenex boxes, food wrappers, puzzles, and more.
I also have Aspergers, a form of autism.  Having autism is not a bad thing, my disability has become my ability to change the world.  I enjoy drawing, painting, collaging and recycling for art."

View all originals in Grant's Gallery.

Order one of Grant's masterpieces and his calendar!

Also, view Grant's Interview on ABC Channel 13 TV (10/2011)

Thanks to the Debbie Hossein of 'The Art of Autism' for referring Grant Marnier and his 'Grant's Eco Art'.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'Reaching 20,000'


Help us reach 20,000 page views by February 7, 2012!
How can you help?
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We are shy 12 page views.
So, pass on 'EnjoyHi5Autism' links to your family and friends.

We are a family-friendly blog.
In other words, your kids may enjoy our holiday, vacation, back-to-school and out-of-school, toys and apps entries.  Likewise, Parents enjoy our weekly posts covering a broad range of topics:  family fun, special education and reliable resources. Remember to check our' References and Resources' links posted at the end of most of our entries.

As always, we appreciate all of our 'visible' Followers and 'invisible' Supporters.  We enjoy viewing the 'EnjoyHi5Autism Family' stats to see which continents, countries, states, and cities of our encouraging families and supporters.

Let us know if you have any campaigns, education or special needs legislation, school fundraisers and similar interests that you would like us to discuss or post.  We enjoyed successfully advocating with Twellow to add  Special Needs & Disability Awareness categories:  Developmental Disabilities, Developmental Delays, Sensory Processing Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, Neurological Disorders and  Learning Disabilities.
Peruse our stories to read what we wrote in 2010 and 'Tweet with Twellow for Special Needs' on September 29, 2011.

Additionally, as a Partners in Policymaking Graduate, we were honored to help spread the word about school legislation pertaining to 'Restraints and Seclusion' for many campaigns, organizations and states, including,
  TASH; and legislation authored by  Louisiana State Senator Jack Donahue with the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, LaTEACH(Louisiana Together Educating All Children) and the Louisiana Department of Education and the Board of Elementary & Secondary Education.

By the way, if you've read all of our posts, thus far,...
check out CCE News!
hint!!! It's the FAPE, LEA that provides Inclusion, LRE, Modifications and Accommodations, and Speech Language, Assistive Technology and Adaptive Physical Education and Occupational therapies as part of the Special Education Services our 6 year old son has received since he was 3 years old.

We know we keep sharing about CCES, but, it's good to talk about the positives, as well as, give constructive improvement suggestions/comments about our kids school systems.
So, here's a post-tonsillectomy so glad to be back at school update!

Currently, Joshua is enjoying his Mild/Moderate with a class therapy dog, as well as, Kindergarten Classmates and Teachers.  Also, he enjoys the Sensory Room, the school-based after-school P.A.L.S.' Play and Learn Social Skills' which is based on the  'Model Me Kids' videos and second STEP Curriculum of the Committee for Children.  We really enjoy using the apps on our iPad, especially for 'Going Places'.  Additionally, he enjoys preparing for these upcoming events:

  1. CCE Mardi Gras Ball
  2. PTA 2k Fun Run Walk 
  3. Principals Reading Reward Water Fun Day!

Hope your children are enjoying their school, too!


References and Resources

'Enjoyable School Year
"All Students can Learn."

'disAbilityVOICE - Disability Rights Advocate'
"People with disabilities are Value-ABLE."
a global perspective of the disability world

'Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience' (Facebook)

 (for Self-Advocates, Parents/Caregivers and Supporters of people with varying abilities)

'Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism' 
a 'uniquely different' perspectives holidays and audio blog


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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Football fun

Happy NFL Supebowl XLVI!
Who's your gameday team - the New England Patriots or the New York Giants?
Good luck on winning the Lombardi trophy!

While you're anxiously awaiting the kick-off, check out our 'Super bowl Food' article posted in the 'Related Articles' section below.

 Gameday Fun:

Check out the early-release of  this Chase Bank commercial.
Enjoying Superbowl XLIV Champion and 'Who Dat' Nation Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and family--- NFL Sports, family and Louisiana culture and United Nations ambassadors!

We'll see this sports hero in 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana for Superbowl XLVII in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome!

You have picks for your favorite Superbowl or NFL team commercials?
Here are a few of ours:


Remember to download your Superbowl apps for iOS, Android devices.  Check out NFL.,TechCrunch suggestions!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Big Miracle

Big MiracleImage via Wikipedia
We know it's Superbowl XLVI, but, we are so excited about a successful tonsillectomy and finally-ending recuperation, that we want to celebrate with one of our son's favorite activities.
a rescue adventure... in the Arctic Circle 'leads to a momentary thaw in the Cold War"!

Since Joshie enjoys oceans and sea life, IMAX, 3-D and AMC Theatres Sensory Friendly-films; and Moomie likes history; and Dadda likes engineering technical-stuff...
here's our next family feature!
"inspired by the incredible true story that united the world"
starring Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski

*EnjoyHi5Autism family review:  "a feel-good family film; not too sweet, nit too technical with dashes of humor sprinkled with funny entertainment".

Follow #BigMiracleMovie - Get wallpapers, buddy icons and an activity sheet at this link:
Big Miracle Movie Official Site for the Big Miracle Film Now Playing
Well, Twister soccer,  a few parades, then it's Superbowl time!
via Wikipedia
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