Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life ON THE Autism Spectrum


Hope you enjoyed April's Autism Awareness Month.

Here are some movies to keep you sharing all year long...

"Wretches & Jabberers"
{an AMC Theatres & Autism Speaks 'Sensory-Friendly Film' viewing}  

The film, “Wretches & Jabberers,” follows Tracy Thresher, 42, and Larry Bissonnette, 52, both of whom have autism and communicate primarily through typing as they travel the globe in an effort to alter people’s attitudes about disability.( Disability Scoop article 

Logo of World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, b...Image via Wikipedia

“Autism is a World,”

Nominated for an Academy Award, "Autism Is A World" is a rare look at autism through the words of a young woman who lives with it.  Sue Rubin shares, "Autism Is A World" is an attempt, she says, "to bring people into my world of autism." CNN Presents "Autism Is A World" film

The filmmaker Gerardine Wurzburb  won a 1993 Academy Award for “Educating Peter,” a documentary about the inclusion of a student with Down syndrome, and was nominated in 2005 for “Autism is a World,” a film about a woman living with the developmental disability.“Wretches & Jabberers is Wurzburb latest release about 'uniquely different' people living on the autism spectrum.


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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day!


Beautiful, simplistic, spiritual, personable, genuine, hopeful, heartfelt,...LOVE! - Prince Williams and Katherine's Marriage Ceremony: think Lady Diana is smiling! (Kbj Cosse' -Facebook status)

Pure, spiritual, scriptural {The British Monarch - KBJ Cosse' Facebook comment}

'What Is Your Favorite Part of Prince William & Kate's Royal Wedding?' (poll)

Appreciating the marriage of England's future King, Prince Charles and Lady Katherine (Middleton)!

We living on the Autism Spectrum can hope for love, companionship and compatibility for our selves and our children. 

In lieu of wedding gifts, the Royal Groom & Bride request donations to charities !  Definitely, a Lady Diana touch!

God Bless!



Prince William's Parents Wedding Day!~Prince Charles & Lady Diana (1981)

 'What Is Your Favorite Part of Prince William & Kate's Royal Wedding?'
Prayer:Royal Wedding of Prince William & Lady Catherine

Time Magazine - what-time-is-the-royal-wedding-the-minute-by-minute-schedule-for-April 29, 2011

The-Bishop-of-London's-Sermon - Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine

Enjoy The Royal Wedding Service of Prince William & Kate

Before Kate's Crown~ photos of the the Most Majestic Tiaras







royal-wedding-trafalgar-square: LA Times blog

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vote for James Durbin to Win American Idol!


Vote for James Durbin to win American Idol! 
A 'uniquely different' way to close out the final week of Autism Awareness Month! Vote for James Durbin! Tonight only J.D. numbers are:Call 1-866-436-5710; text the word VOTE to 5704; and vote online for James at

Bumoto para sa James Durbin upang manalo ng American Idol!
'Katangi iba't ibang' A paraan upang isara ang mga huling linggo ng Autism Awareness Month! Bumoto para sa James Durbin! Ngayong gabi lamang JD numero ay: Call 1-866-436-5710; text ang salita BUMOTO sa 5704; at bumoto online para sa James

Vota por James Durbin ganar American Idol!
camino "único y diferente" Una de cerrar la última semana del Mes de Concienciación sobre el Autismo! Vota por Durbin James! Esta noche sólo JD números son: Llame a 1-866-436-5710, envíe la palabra VOTA al 5704, y votar en línea por James en
التصويت لجيمس دوربين للفوز أمريكان أيدول! الطريقة 'مختلفة فريد' لإغلاق الأسبوع الأخير من شهر التوعية بمرض التوحد! التصويت لدوربين جيمس! الليلة دينار فقط الأرقام : دعوة 1-866-436-5710 ؛ نص كلمة التصويت ل5704 ، والتصويت على الانترنت لجيمس في

Голосование за Джеймс Дурбин, чтобы выиграть American Idol! "Однозначно различных" способом, чтобы закрыть последнюю неделю информации о проблеме аутизма месяц! Голосование за Дурбин Джеймс! Сегодня только JD номера: Call 1-866-436-5710; текст слово голоса 5704; и голосовать онлайн для Джеймса в
Votez pour James Durbin pour gagner American Idol! façon "unique et différent» de A à fermer la dernière semaine de mois de l'autisme! Votez pour Durbin James! Ce soir seulement JD numéros sont: Call 1-866-436-5710; texte, le mot VOTE à 5704, et voter en ligne pour James à
Vote für James Durbin zu DSDS gewinnen! Eine "eindeutig anders" Weg durch die Schließung der letzten Woche des Autismus Awareness Month! Vote für James Durbin! Tonight nur JD Zahlen sind: Call 1-866-436-5710; Text das Wort Abstimmung 5704 und Abstimmung für James online unter

アメリカンアイドルに勝つためにダービンジェームス投票してください! A'は一意に異なる'の方法は、自閉症月間の最終週を終了する!ジェームスダービン投票してください!今夜は数字だけはして、JD:電話 1-866-436-5710、テキストを単語が投票に5704およびAmericanIdol.comジェームズのオンライン投票。

Stem vir James Durbin American Idol te wen! A 'n unieke verskillende "manier te sluit uit die laaste week van Autism Awareness Maand! Stem vir James Durbin! Vanaand net JD nommers is: Call 1-866-436-5710; sms met die woord stem 5704, en stem aanlyn vir James op

Ψηφοφορία για τον James Durbin να κερδίσει το American Idol! «Μοναδικό τρόπο διαφορετικό» Ένας τρόπος για να κλείσετε την τελευταία εβδομάδα του αυτισμού Ενημέρωσης Μήνας! Ψηφοφορία για τον James Durbin! Απόψε μόνο JD αριθμοί είναι: Καλέστε 1-866-436-5710? Κείμενο τη λέξη ψηφοφορία για 5704? Και να ψηφίσει on-line για James στο

投票詹姆斯德賓贏得美國偶像! A的唯一不同'的方式,結束了最後一周自閉症意識一個月!投票詹姆斯德賓!今晚只有第納爾號碼如下:電話 1-866-436-5710;文字5704字票和網上投票詹姆斯在。

投票选举德宾赢得美国偶像詹姆斯! A的唯一不同'的方式,结束了自闭症的宣传月的最后一周!投票詹姆斯德宾!今晚只有第纳尔号码如下:电话1-866-436-5710;文字5704字票和表决詹姆斯在网上



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James Durbin : Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Carole King : American ...

A 'uniquely different' way to close out the final week of Autism Awareness Month! Vote for James Durbin! Tonight only J.D. numbers are:Call 1-866-436-5710; text the word VOTE to 5704; and vote online for James at

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Louisiana Legislature


Frequently Asked Questions of the Louisiana Legislature

    There are many proposed bills and legislation that has been repealed, voted on and still be considered during the Louisiana 2011Regular Legislative Session.  Get involved by contacting your Legislators to give your views. Your Legislators want to hear from their Constituents. Write, Call, Email, blog, tweet, Constant Contact, comment in online newspapers, etc...

             2011 Regular Legislative Session
Convened on Monday, April 25, 2011
Final Adjournment no later than 6:00 pm on Thursday, June 23, 2011
[We are updating this legislative post until the session culminates.]

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Employment and Autism

Hi5  Just finished watching this movie called 'ADAM'. Enjoyed the preparing for an interview sessions.
Got me to thinking about a poll question on our Planning Successful Event!' and Kbj Cosse' Facebook sites during Autism Awareness Month:  (Click either link to add your opinion.  Also, you may add an 'option answer' of your own.)

Should You Tell Your Employer You Have Autism?

'Should You Tell Your Employer You Have Autism?'

Follow Jobs4Autism on Twitter and Facebook! Jobs4Autism
Feel free to leave your comments on this blog, too.

Adam-the movie about a young man who has Aspergers and seeking employment and relationships

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Special Olympics


Autism Awareness Month!

We like these videos:

Special Olympics Athens 2011 Mascot APOLLON (Greek Version)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Heavy Metal' AI10 James Durbin!


Happy AUTISM Awareness Month!

Hope America gave James Durbin and 'Heavy Metal' a chance!
Zakk Wylde, Osbourne's guitarist definitely needs to be in J.D. concerts as a special feature....
Who's willing to pay top $ to see this performance on an extended version!?!


spdbn:Quick,easy and CHEAP sensory tub How-To on the @SPDBN by @Mom2Kaia EnjoyHi5Autism
firstgiving: fundraising-standard Daily - Top stories today via @mlinnovations @wildwomanfund @achieve_consult @EnjoyHi5Autism
EnjoyHi5Autism @KBJCosse' Twitter Wrote: Spectronics: Autism Workshop for Parents, Carers and Professionals - May 3rd in Sydney with Brenda Smith Myles PhD #nswdet via EnjoyHi5Autism
AutismJourneys: OT Month: AOTA on Handwriting via EnjoyHi5Autism
relate2autism: Online Parent Tools free: Treatment-response tracking, team collaboration and multi-media sharing - via EnjoyHi5Autism
AutismJourneys: #Autism Awareness Month: Spotlight on Health #Insurance Issue #autismchallenges via EnjoyHi5Autism
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk to blossom." Anais Nin-dancer,model,diarist,modernist writer of short stories and novels

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AutismSpeaks: RT @AdCouncil: Our campaign w/@AutismSpeaks won @The_ARF's 2011 David Ogilvy Award in the non-profit category! Get the case study at htt ...
CodeAmber: Code Amber Alertag: Dial for H-E-L-P #alertag via EnjoyHi5Autism

Some Positive Traits Of Autism.wmv

Hi5! Happy AUTISM Awareness Month! Making Room- this is so true! ENJOY!

Light It Up Blue! CBS-The Talk 2011


Happy AUTISM Awareness Month!


Why are you happy April is Autism Awareness Month? 'Enjoying The Hi5s of Autism-A Family Experience' Facebook poll

Last week, we shared about our fellow Partners In Policymaking Graduate who is raising Autism Awareness from Baton Rouge, LA to Hollywood and beyond!

Here is the link entire segment of CBS The Talk when our friend Jimmie Smith & 2 Kids  shared about life ont he Autism Spectrum.

Below are YouTube clips from CBS The TAlk 2011 Autism Awareness (April 8, 2011)

If you have a video you would like to share, post it here, or on our "EnjoyHi5Autism" YouTube channel.


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TheBuckNation: Please vote Aid for Autistic Children Foundation >> << It's FREE! @MCHammer @DanSokola ...via EnjoyHi5Autism
LornadEnt: RT @StressFreeKids: Parents! #IEP Can Include Relaxation! via EnjoyHi5Autism
AutismEd: Reading "Some #autism treatments high on promises, low on proof." via EnjoyHi5Autism
AutismJourneys: OT Month: Is an OT unattainable in your area? If so, what is the barrier? via EnjoyHi5Autism
AutismJourneys: Say "Cheese!" Rally by Special Ed Expert, Joanna Keating-Velasco #martiannestanger via EnjoyHi5Autism
relate2autism: April is Autism Awareness Month and National Stress Awareness Month. via EnjoyHi5Autism
Spectronics:RT @JulieEdTech:Teachers will never be replaced by technology but teachers who use technology will replace those who don't. Seibert #edchat via EnjoyHi5Autism
TannersDad: .@TheTalk_CBS @autismdad1966 @autismfather gotta love new documentary @USofAutism study about greatness of America n Passion of families
@TheTalk_CBS @autismdad1966 @autismfather gotta love new documentary @USofAutism showing @AMCTheatres-Elmwood-NOLA
spdbn: NEW POST:"Creative, Who Me?"-Turns out being a special needs parent DOES require creativity! via EnjoyHi5Autism
EndTheWord: RT @thelepper: Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can be just as hurtful. Think before you speak. Choose your words kindly ...@NationalAutism viaEnjoyHi5Autism
spdbn: We've published 80 posts on the @SPDBN! Check the archives! via EnjoyHi5Autism
spdbn: POST by @Sonita_Lewis The First Steps in Diagnosis - Do you remember taking your child for the diagnoses appointment? via EnjoyHi5Autism
spdbn: New 3-part series for families raising a child with sensory based eating issues via EnjoyHi5Autism
AutismKey: RT @NationalAutism: Heartache & many tears this week. #autism #wandering. Parents, visit AWAARE for info/resources/tips. ...
Pass It On Center - National AT Reuse and Technical Assistance Center had another Successful year at ATIA Orlando! Thanks to ...@AssistiveTech via EnjoyHi5Autism
How To Teach Your Autistic Child- On their best days, your child may not seem to need visual supports a...@NationalAutism via EnjoyHi5Autism
AAIDD International Journal on Human Rights SUR Journal Call for Papers:
The intent of the Journal is ... @NationalAutism via EnjoyHi5Autism
Heartspring: A free Live and Learn Lecture Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders is next week. @NationalAutism via EnjoyHi5Autism
Heartspring: A free Live and Learn Lecture Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders is next week. @NationalAutism via EnjoyHi5Autism
RelatetoAutism-World #Autism Views Project Join us in this global event to shine some light on global autism via @EnjoyHi5Autism
Relate To Autism:The World Autism Views Project survey in over 20 languages (Polski, Magyar,Nederlands, Kiswahili,Bosanski,Indonesia) via EnjoyHi5Autism
spdbn: What is Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) & how can it help with regulation, movement, and intonation? #autism Sensory Processing Disorder Blog Network via EnjoyHi5Autism

Monday, April 11, 2011

AutismRealityNB: Medicare for #Autism Now! #elxn41 #cdnpoli. Twitter @EnjoyHi5Autism
32665164 Wrote: Autism SpeaksU Autism Speaks U's largest walk/run is tomorrow at Penn State! They've raised ...Comment. Http://

Including Students with Autism in General Education: A Virtual Town Hall...

Happy AUTISM Awareness Month! referred to by LASARD/LSUHSC-UCEDD

James Durbin, Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" Elton John, America...

Happy AUTISM Awareness Month! Remember to watch American Idol and VOTES for James Durbin throughout the month of April. J.D. is rocking out AI10! James is married, a father, enjoys Hulk Hogan and World Wide Wrestling! Mr. Durbin says he overcomes Autism/Aspergers/Tourettes symptoms when he sings and plays his guitar!

People with Disabilities and the Affordable Care Act |

Happy AUTISM Awareness Month!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

TannersDad: RT @caseysgenstore: @tannersdad thanks for the message! We're selling $1 @autismspeaks Puzzle Pieces for Autism Awareness through April! via @EnjoyHi5Autism
relate2autism: Free telesummit April 13, access to 10 #autism experts #AST2011 - via #EnjoyHi5Autism
AIMBehavior: The AIM Behavior Daily is out! Top stories today via Twitter #EnjoyHi5Autism @education_iep @mamatude @dansokola #autism
TheCoffeeKlatch: 4/10 Did you listen to "Anne Barbano -Producer/ Director The Autism Maze & Host of The Next Frontier on The Coffee Klatch via @EnjoyHi5Autism
TheCoffeeKlatch: Listen to The Coffee Klatch #SpecialNeeds Radio on #BlogTalkRadio #Autism #Bipolar #CP #Tourettes via EnjoyHi5Autism #Mentalillness #SPD
autismspeaks: Do we owe you an AS pin? We've had reports of them not getting through. Pls mail if that's you! Via EnjoyHi5Autism

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jimmie Smith & Kids Raise Autism Awareness on CBS The Talk!

Hi5! Hi5! Hi5! Hi5! Hi5!

Jimmie Smith & Kids Raise Autism Awareness on CBS The Talk!
Jimmie Smith & Kids on The Talk CBS       

Watch Jimmie Smith & Kids on CBS The Talk

Happy AUTISM Awareness Month! 'The Talk' on CBS will feature Jimmie Smith and his 2 kids! Jimmie is in Los Angeles right now with his children preparing for tomorrow's show! Thanks to Holly Robinson-Peete for sharing your families' experience and serving as an international ambassador for Autism families and causes.     

Check you time zone for broadcasting times and set your tivo! Spread this good news about how raising awareness works! Thanks to CBS The Talk for consistently highlighting Autism-related topics.

Remember, we shared about Jimmie Smith's 'aha moment' last October, on this blog site.  Thanks to many of you, Jimmie Smith & his 2 kids commercial won!  Now, The Jimmie Smith Family is in Hollywood!
  aha moment - VOTE for 'Just the way he is.' - Jimmie-Baton Rouge,LA

All of our 'EnjoyHi5Autism' blogs and social networking sites include links to Jimmie Smith's aha moment commercial.  We will let you know when Mutual of Omaha will air his Autism spot this spring.

Click the 2 links below to view previous blogs we shared about Jimmie Smith:

aha moment - VOTE for 'Just the way he is.' - Jimmie-Baton Rouge,LA

Oct 29, 2010
“Thank you Jimmie Smith, Jr. for opening up your life to me, for not judging me, for sharing with my husband, for being so sacrificially unselfish. Mostly, I appreciate your bold stand for children with special needs, your pursuit of ... [clipped from Google - 4/2011]

CONGRATS aha moment 'Just the way he is.' Jimmie Smith Dad 2 ...

Nov 08, 2010
CONGRATS aha moment 'Just the way he is.' Jimmie Smith Dad 2 prcious kids won a 2011 Mutual of Omaha commercial! [clipped from Google - 4/2011]

Here are more links to our other social networking sites where we shared about Jimmie Smith aha moment:

(Facebook "Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience' )aha moment - VOTE for 'Just the way he is.' Jimmie Smith,Jr. BatonRouge, LA

Planning Successful Event! features Jimmie Smith aha moment Winner!

"Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience"
When you share your life, you help so many others.  This is why The KBJ Cosse' Family established the "Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience" blogs and social networking sites.

Jimmie Smith 'aha moment' 2011 winner

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