Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day!


Beautiful, simplistic, spiritual, personable, genuine, hopeful, heartfelt,...LOVE! - Prince Williams and Katherine's Marriage Ceremony: think Lady Diana is smiling! (Kbj Cosse' -Facebook status)

Pure, spiritual, scriptural {The British Monarch - KBJ Cosse' Facebook comment}

'What Is Your Favorite Part of Prince William & Kate's Royal Wedding?' (poll)

Appreciating the marriage of England's future King, Prince Charles and Lady Katherine (Middleton)!

We living on the Autism Spectrum can hope for love, companionship and compatibility for our selves and our children. 

In lieu of wedding gifts, the Royal Groom & Bride request donations to charities !  Definitely, a Lady Diana touch!

God Bless!



Prince William's Parents Wedding Day!~Prince Charles & Lady Diana (1981)

 'What Is Your Favorite Part of Prince William & Kate's Royal Wedding?'
Prayer:Royal Wedding of Prince William & Lady Catherine

Time Magazine - what-time-is-the-royal-wedding-the-minute-by-minute-schedule-for-April 29, 2011

The-Bishop-of-London's-Sermon - Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine

Enjoy The Royal Wedding Service of Prince William & Kate

Before Kate's Crown~ photos of the the Most Majestic Tiaras







royal-wedding-trafalgar-square: LA Times blog

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