Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Eat This, Not That! Does your belly jiggle like Santa?s?or ripple like Drew Brees?? Bust your gut w/ the IMPACT! Body Plan:

Friday, December 24, 2010 If you love Christian movies, help us spread the word. Use the "Suggest to Friends" link under our profi...
Autism Speaks We hope you have kicked off the winter break and are having a wonderful time with family and friends! What are your plans? Happy holidays from the team!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Create TV RT @KBWorkshop: Set your Christmas tabletop aglow with a super easy candle centerpiece...Instructions here!
Institute on Disabilities at Temple University Temple University and the Institute on Disabilities will be closed from Thursd...

Eye Level To A Bulldog

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Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season with loved ones.

Here's a link from one of our favorite inspirational sites: Our Daily Bread by RBC Ministries.

ODB/RBCM airs on radio stations, shares an informative website(, has audio versions on their site, including iTunes; and is on major social networking sites.

We have appreciated their home delivery devotional for decades. Our favorites are the inspirational calendars and Phillip Yancey and Oswald Chambers selections.

This season of giving, give your support to Our Daily Bread of RBC Ministies. Donations can be made by ordering devotionals, audio books, cards, kids preloaded mp3s, calendars, cd music, and so much more. Also, you can give a monetary gift of your choice.
Our Daily Bread/RBC Ministries helps so many stay uplifted. God Bless.

Be inspired with this link:
Eye Level To A Bulldog
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Autism Action Alert: Senators Dodd/Menendez introduce Combating Autism Reauthorization Act (CARA) of 2010! Please take action today at

Monday, December 13, 2010

We Hope Ireland government introduces and subsequently passes an Autism bill.
Twitter KBJ Cosse' BLPC Wrote: ResearchAutism: Autism news at includes story that government of Northern Ireland is to introduce an Autism Bill

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What is your 'uniquely different' Sensory Profile? certain heights, colors, smells, fabrics, patterns, sounds,etc...

'Happy VALUE Day!' - HowCast

'Happy VALUE Day!' - HowCast

We appreciate this online service which allows us to create and upload content. We recently expanded our blog to this site. You may view our first post about 'How To EnjoyHi5Autism' at []. Discover how to give an internet hi5!

Additionally, we like the videos from Dr. MDK ' Pediatrician Office Without Walls'. Check out videos on Autism which on posted on our blog.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. -Oprah Winfrey.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Celebrating in Lights!

"Flickering crystal heartbeat symbolizing the precious multi-facets of living on the Autism Spectrum"



'Celebrating in Lights!'

Happy Hanukkah

Faith, Food, Family, Fun, Fashion, Fidelity

'FUNabulous Festival of Lights'

Fun - How do you play dreidel up in space?
Share your answer.  Astronauts(cosmonauts/scientist) have tried on the space shuttle!

Food - Looking for some traditional and tasty Hanukkah meal ideas with a modern twist?  Try the 

Family - 
 If you are traveling in the New York area, the city is beaming with lights year round!  This time of the year, NYC is celebrating the Rededication in many ways: Brooklyn Vegan Hannukah archives for New York. When our son is little older, we plan to celebrate Chanukah in NYC!  In the meantime, we will enjoy these mp2 downloads and videos about Hannukah 2010 in NYC (Sephardic Music Festival, Matisyahu, YLT, dreidel tournaments, klezmer, burlesque & more)

Sharing at home or a community center..., reflect on the cultural history while viewing 'Burt Wolf's Hanukkah #102' on the CreateTv Channel; at  A Taste of Freedom and; as well as, at  Burt Wolf - 'A Taste of Freedom'- Hanukkah (#102) pdf

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 2: (AFP-OUT) U.S. Presid...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
U.S. President & First Lady Obama celebrating Hanukkah at the White House.

Read more: 

Fashion -
Of course, we have to include Celebration of Lights fashion!  U.S. President Barack H. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are always in style as they share in Hanukkah celebrations at the White House

More Fun -
Geek Hanukkah:  R2-D2 dreidel, virtual menorah by Christopher MacManus

Fidelity -

Apple iPhone Hanukkah: A Festival of Apps


Technology is a good way to share your celebration in lights. shares how Google is using Chanukah symbols to honor this holiday.

This is the most 'uniquely different' way we found to celebrate Hanukkah with our 5 year old son, who enjoys smartphones, light-displays, music, and e-gadgets: 'Apple iPhone Hanukkah: A Festival of Apps'!   "Appsfire for IOS let's you light a (virtual) candle each night with iMenorah.  Kids play dreidel with Ain’t Bubbies Dreidel, where you can actually spin the dreidel by spinning your iPhone.  Potato latkes and sufganiya in Jewish Cooking. Take a spin at this game: Catch the Sufganiya.
Send a Hanukkah card with Happy Hanukkah or Someecards app."

Menorah, imenorah
'Noah's Ark Menorable' Porcelain Menorah by Gail Cohen from

Developer Matthew Parrott believes his iPhone app iMenorah is perfect "for the Jew far from home."
The app, which costs $2.99 (oy vey!) lets you virtually light eight candles with a digital shamash. A voice on the app sings blessings, including the Shehechiyanu, a prayer recited on special occasions.

Read more: iMenorah

Remember to consider the interests of individuals with special needs during your 8 days of  Chanukah Rededication.  Shalom

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