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Celebrating in Lights!

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'Celebrating in Lights!'

Happy Hanukkah

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'FUNabulous Festival of Lights'

Fun - How do you play dreidel up in space?
Share your answer.  Astronauts(cosmonauts/scientist) have tried on the space shuttle!

Food - Looking for some traditional and tasty Hanukkah meal ideas with a modern twist?  Try the 

Family - 
 If you are traveling in the New York area, the city is beaming with lights year round!  This time of the year, NYC is celebrating the Rededication in many ways: Brooklyn Vegan Hannukah archives for New York. When our son is little older, we plan to celebrate Chanukah in NYC!  In the meantime, we will enjoy these mp2 downloads and videos about Hannukah 2010 in NYC (Sephardic Music Festival, Matisyahu, YLT, dreidel tournaments, klezmer, burlesque & more)

Sharing at home or a community center..., reflect on the cultural history while viewing 'Burt Wolf's Hanukkah #102' on the CreateTv Channel; at  A Taste of Freedom and; as well as, at  Burt Wolf - 'A Taste of Freedom'- Hanukkah (#102) pdf

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 2: (AFP-OUT) U.S. Presid...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
U.S. President & First Lady Obama celebrating Hanukkah at the White House.

Read more: 

Fashion -
Of course, we have to include Celebration of Lights fashion!  U.S. President Barack H. Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are always in style as they share in Hanukkah celebrations at the White House

More Fun -
Geek Hanukkah:  R2-D2 dreidel, virtual menorah by Christopher MacManus

Fidelity -

Apple iPhone Hanukkah: A Festival of Apps


Technology is a good way to share your celebration in lights. shares how Google is using Chanukah symbols to honor this holiday.

This is the most 'uniquely different' way we found to celebrate Hanukkah with our 5 year old son, who enjoys smartphones, light-displays, music, and e-gadgets: 'Apple iPhone Hanukkah: A Festival of Apps'!   "Appsfire for IOS let's you light a (virtual) candle each night with iMenorah.  Kids play dreidel with Ain’t Bubbies Dreidel, where you can actually spin the dreidel by spinning your iPhone.  Potato latkes and sufganiya in Jewish Cooking. Take a spin at this game: Catch the Sufganiya.
Send a Hanukkah card with Happy Hanukkah or Someecards app."

Menorah, imenorah
'Noah's Ark Menorable' Porcelain Menorah by Gail Cohen from

Developer Matthew Parrott believes his iPhone app iMenorah is perfect "for the Jew far from home."
The app, which costs $2.99 (oy vey!) lets you virtually light eight candles with a digital shamash. A voice on the app sings blessings, including the Shehechiyanu, a prayer recited on special occasions.

Read more: iMenorah

Remember to consider the interests of individuals with special needs during your 8 days of  Chanukah Rededication.  Shalom

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  1. If you are in New York for the dusk lighting of the huge Menorah (32-foot high, gold-colored, 4,000 pound steel structure features genuine oil lamps, with glass chimneys to protect the lights from strong winds) SEND US SOME PICS!

  2. celebrations and vids/pics go hand-in-hand! Send us some to share.


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