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Here are some of our favorite personal and community sites about living a 'uniquely different' life on the Autism Spectrum.

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  Every day is a mystery - Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Understanding and AcceptanceAutism Understanding and Acceptance Autism Group

  Inclusion Tools

Voces del AutismoVoces del Autismo

Families of Autism and Asperger's Standing Together (F.A.A.S.T.)Families of Autism and Aspergers Standing Together (F.A.A.S.T.)

Stories Of Living With My Autistic Brother My Autistic Brother

Family Network TVFamily Network TV

Concert4Autism - Music Makes A Difference 
A Call 2 Action - Awareness Is Not Enough

AAIDD American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD)

PRAYING & Hoping for a Good, Productive and Enjoyable School Year :-)

Join, support, share, give advise, post fundraisers, school resources, Student issues, special events, and other topics that concern our kids having a Good, Productive and Enjoyable School Year.

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Learning + having fun = Enjaoyable School Year :-) Thanks iLearnWith in Support of Plan International (for Education)

iLearnWith is a cross curricular game-based learning program that helps prepare children for school, while having fun, one app at a time. It is produced by the developers behind the award winning PBS KIDS PLAY! and CBC Wonderworld online learning programs.... With self adjusting levels of difficulty, the games are designed to adapt to the child's developmental needs across a full breadth of subjects, such as, math, science, literacy, language development, social studies, creativity and much more. Games are developed based on National Standards with the help of educators and child psychologists. Each difficulty level corresponds to what a child is supposed to learn at a certain age: 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6 years old. All games feature friendly characters from popular TV shows broadcast around the globe. See More
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References & Resources
iLs - Integrated Listening System
AOTA approved integrated sound & movement therapy for people with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD & other learning and attention difficulties.

Plan InternationalPlan International
Plan, one of the oldest and largest global children's development organisations works to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty.

    •  Join, share, support, give advice; and submit school-related fundraisers, educational tools, fun activities, academic concerns and fundraisers...

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"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable." (adults)

Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism
(audio/holiday posts)

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Do you know someone who is depressed or wants to commit suicide because of cyberbullying?

PRAYING & Hoping for a Good, Productive and Enjoyable School Year :-)

Seventeen-year-old Taylor Hillridge receives a laptop for her birthday and is excited about the possibilities and freedom offered by the internet. However, events take a drastic turn for the worse when Taylor is bullied online by her classmates...

References & Resources


Suicide Preventions

Teen Counseling

School Counseling

Step Up to Stop Bullying

A Watch-dog Organization - Advocating for Bullied Children & Reporting on State Anti Bullying Laws...


Anti-Bullying Lessons From Norway

Under pressure from increasingly tough anti-bullying laws, schools throughout the country will be ramping up efforts to eliminate bullying. The problem is ...
National Iternet Safety Month

#SocialShield A comprehensive guide for parents explaining the new privacy settings on Facebook

A Guide to Facebook’s New Privacy Settings

N.J. Senator Seeks Anti-Bully Law After Suicide
Colleges should adopt a code of conduct that prohibits bullying and harassment in the wake of the suicide of a Rutgers University student whose gay sexual ... 

"Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience"  
"a 'uniquely different' family sharing about the 'uniquely different' life with Autism"

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."
(Parents/Adults & Self-Advocates)

Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism (audio/holiday posts)

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Need a pick me up? Here are 10 great quotes for the heavy hearted. Please hit LIKE to share!

Looking for encouragement? Here are some prayers to strengthen you!

Share this gallery on your wall and encourage your friends.

10 Prayers for Strength -

10 Inspiring Quotes for a Depressed Heart -

Inspiring and uplifting quotes for those who are suffering from depression.
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PRAYING & Hoping for a Good, Productive and Enjoyable School Year :-)

Introducing Sephora's App for iPad


EnjoyHi5Autism: Hi5! Sephora - Carol's Daughter products: hair, body for hubby, mommy and baby boy! Same quality for our family for over 4 years. Start the school year off with a new order to manage our son's hair. Mommy enjoys fragrances, lotions and plenty of samples! Beauty Insider is a plus Hubby likes the body butters and tropical bath products. It's Birthday time! :-)

Hi5! Sephora - Carol's Daughter beauty products: hair, body, him/her and kids

Select your Carol's Daughter products from Sephora!



References & Resources

Carol's Daughter

Sephora YouTube Channel videos: Lancome's Doll Looks; Hello Kitty Graffiti; Philosophy's Miracle

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Pay Attention!

Hi5! 'Pay Attention' DSM-5 Kbj Cosse' Praying that APA DSM-5 gets it right for autism, picky eaters, asperger syndrome, and sensory processing disorder. These classifications impact services and supports for our kids. As your doctor, therapists, school, child development specialist and insurance company. We've been sharing on about this on our blogs Proposed Revision | APA DSM-5 A. Persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across contexts, not accounted for by general developmental delays, and manifest by all 3 of the following:... Proposed Revision APA DSM-5 Autism A 09 Autism Spectrum Disorder / A 09 Autism Spectrum Disorder … New name for category, autism spectrum disorder, which includes … the stability of autism spectrum diagnoses over time and the differentiation between ASD and other … DSM-5: The Future of Psychiatric Diagnosis Publication of the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in May 2013 will mark one the most anticipated events in the mental health field. As part of the development process, the preliminary draft revisions to the current diagnostic criteria for psychiatric diagnoses are now available for public review. We thank you for your interest in DSM-5 and hope that you use this opportunity not only to learn more about the proposed changes in DSM-5, but also about its history, its impact, and its developers. Please continue to check this site for updates to criteria and for more information about the development process. References & Resources

Autism in the News

Hi5! 'Autism in the News' Autism is a neuro-biological, lifelong developmental disorder that typically becomes apparent during a child's first 3 years. References & Resources (CDC) Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Communicating Basic Needs App

Hi5! EnjoyHi5Autism (1 second ago) Spam Hi5! Found #SpecialLearning on Facebook, then Twitter. Glad you have YouTube, too. Will sharew on our EnjoyHi5Autism sites: http://familyenjoyinghi5autism­ Check out Special Learning has a iTouch giveaway! ENJOY! References & Resources!/speciallearning

user-friendly IEP guide

Hi5! 'user-friendly IEP guide' Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Our son has had an IEP since 2009 when he was evaluated and assessed by Pupil Appraisal. An IEP is designed to tailor your child's education based upon their strengths and areas/skills that need to be developed or improved. Download it today! via our Facebook Friend... MyAutismTeam Yesterday, Autism Speaks released its Individualized Education Program (IEP): Summary, Process and Practical Tips. [PDF link] Do you have kids in school ? Are you a Student ? Do you Teach ? Do you want children to receive an education ? A Good, Productive, Enjoyable School Year is achievable.
  ENJOY! References & Resources
 Autism Speaks
 MyAutism Team!/event.php?eid=250810178286377

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Hi5! Hope this Resource will help you have a Good, Productive and Enjoyable School Year. S.E.A. Special Education Advisor Find S.E.A. on Facebook and Twitter "In this edition of the Special Education Advisor Newsletter you will find helpful articles on IEP's, Discipline, Behavior, Learning Disabilities and many more." "If you are in the Los Angeles area come to the Special Needs Network's Back to School free resource fair this weekend on August 28, 2011 from 2 pm to 6 pm. We will have a booth and can answer any of your questions." S.E.A. emailed us our newletter this morning. We like ALL of the S.E.A. articles: Top Ten Methods to Foster IEP Team Collaboration Behavior and Discipline for Children with a Disability Learning Basic Life Skills in High School Creative Cognitive Approaches in the Treatment and Education of the Severely Autistic Child The Intel Reader Special Education Marketplace The IEP Success Kit To Punish or Not to Punish Determined Young Man with Aspergers Shares His Journey and Hope for the Future A Mother's Appeal: Look for Hidden Learning Disabilities Early in School ENJOY!

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the wise owl

"the wise owl' Parents, are 'the wise owl' with regard to our childs education? If your child is a Student who receives Special Education Services, do you know the Who?, What?, When?, Why?, How?, Where? about those services? Here are a few related school terms we review over the summer break, as well as, periodically, throughout the academic year. With every school year, there are new terms to learn. If you follow 'Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience' or any of our other 'EnjoyHi5!Autism' sites [], you have read and hopefully have familiarized yourself with these concepts: Parent Student School Teacher Administration/Faculty/Staff Classmates/Peers/Peer Buddy Social Skills Social Development Social Engagement Emerging Bullying Peer-Engagement Auditory/Visual Learner Video-Modeling PECS Health Reporrt Immunization/Vaccination Transportation Accountability Communication Special Education Special Education Services Special Needs Disability Developmental Disabilities Learning Disabilities Developmental Delays Early Intervention FAPE IEP IDEA Inclusion Integration Self-Determiniation Productivity Independence Network Collaboration Team Community Medical/Clinical People First Language Restraints Seclusion Corporal Punishment PBS SWPBS PBIS Manners Behavior Discipline BIP FBA CLASSROOM ASSISTANCE FOR STUDENTS WITH ATYPICAL BEHAVIORS(CAAB) PUPIL APPRAISAL PARENT'S RIGHTS IEP HANDBOOK EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR PROGRAM Truancy Absent/Tardy Reduced Numbers Mainstream (ed) Dibels Types of Instruction Subjects Budget No Child Left Behind (NCLB) UDL LRE LEA Progress Report Evaluation Assessment Pupil Appraisal Before Care After Care Adapt Dress Code Releases Authorized Participation/Involvement Accommodations Modifications Therapies O.T. A.P.E. Speech/Language Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Integration Sensory Diet Parent/Teacher Conference PTA RtI Homework Tutor Reinforcement Motivators Accessible CAST Assistive Technology TA&D Extra Curricular Electives Safety e2Campus Resources PTAC Parent Training and Information Center Parent Centers - Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs) Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers Advocacy Attorney Awareness Network Parent Advisory Council(or Committee) - local/district State Board of Education Special Populations Special Education Advisory Council(or Committee) - state Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services - federal Office Special Education Programs - federal Administration on Developmental Disabiliteis - federal U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children & Families ADA Rehabilitation Act Section NECTAC ICC SICC Wrights Law Law Enforcemcent Collaboration Partners In Policymaking Developmental Disabilities Council National Center for Education Statistics National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center AHEAD (Autism) Related Wandering Safety and Prevention AWAARE (Autism) Risk Management AAIDD NCLD NICHCY NOTE: WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH THE LAYOUT AND PUBLISHING OF OUR BLOG. KINDLY EXCUSE THIS FORMAT. BELOW ARE REFERENCES TO OUR OTHER MICRO-BLOGS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS THAT ARE PUBLISHING CORRECTLY. References & Resources IDEA.ogv The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) (Twitter) Social Networks Blogs Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Wordpress, Text, SMS, Blog 'EnjoyHi5!Autism' blogs: (NetworkedBlog for daily posts EnjoyHi5Autism) (Self-Advocates & Parents/Caretakers) (audio/holidays) (Families) (videos) (networking/support/resources) http://www.twitter/#!/enjoyhi5autism Think about it... Wise Owl A Woodland Indian Myth {excerpt} The Everything-Maker snapped his fingers. "I have made your ears big, the better to listen. I have made your eyes big, the better to see. I have made your neck short, the better to hold up your head. I have packed your head with wisdom, as you have asked. Now, use your wisdom and fly away before you lose what I have given." Same Story - in illustrated PowerPoint format Why are owls perceived in folklore as being wise? Aug 25, 2005 ...{excerpt} Whether delivering an environmental message, correcting the spelling of a famous bear, or sailing away with a beauteous kitty, owls have quite a hold on our imaginations. But how did they garner such a reputation for intelligence? Owls are nocturnal birds and function extremely well at night. Their ability to see in the dark has elevated owls, in some cultures, to manifestations of wisdom. In Western folklore, owls are commonly associated with studious scholars and wise elders. Perhaps the earliest known link between owls and wisdom ...

Be Safe! Be Prepared!

Hi5! 'Be Safe! Be Prepared!' visit our 'EnjoyHi5Autism' blog for tips and videos and resourceful links Preparedness Tips for Families With the help of renowned emergency preparedness expert Dennis Debbaudt, who has a son with autism, and Autism Society Board Member Ruth Elaine Hane, the Autism Society - with support from NASCAR driver and Autism Society friend Jamie McMurray - is committed to helping families with special needs pr... ENJOY! Note: We are experencing technical difficulties with our Google Blogger program. Kindly continue to follow and view our 'Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience'. Also, we are sharing on other social networks and micro-blogs where we are still able to upload videos, pictures and appropriately layout our posts. Thanks for understanding.

EnjoyHi5Autism blog Stats

Hi5! Stats for 'Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience' on Google Blogger at Tuesday, August 17, 2011 @8:00AM(PST) to Tuesday, August 23, 2011 @7:00AM (PST) a) Followers - 14 [visible with icon/logo and links showing in our 'Followers/Supporters section] b) Pageviews by Countries - United States 168 Latvia 45 Malaysia 25 Netherlands 22 Ukraine 12 Germany 9 Australia 8 Russia 7 Moldova 6 Switzerland 3 c) Pageviews last month - 1,154 d) Pageviews all time history - 11,839 e) Post (Top 5 most viewed posts during the indicated period) Happy VALUE Day! New Orleans Saints Sep 12, 2010 15 Pageviews Class Action Lawsuits & HR 2032 Legislation (US Co... Jun 29, 2011 11 Pageviews Hi5!We are now sharing in 2 Google Groups!Should A... Aug 21, 2011 9 Pageviews Legislation & Parents Resource on Restraints and S... May 17, 2011, 6 comments 8 Pageviews ... and EnjoyHi-5Autism will share the Autism Wome... Nov 10, 2010 4 Pageviews We appreciate your support. We would like to support you. Join our blog via the 'Follow' tab. We are interested in networking with regards to the following topics: autism, asperger's syndrome, PDD-NOS and other developmental disabilities, school, disability, family,entertainment/recreation for people with disabiliteis, hi-tech gadgets, cooking, education, assistive technology, interactive devices, communication tools, sensory processing disorder, sensory intergration, apraxia, fundraising for people with disabilities ENJOY!


Hi5! 'interactive' We are hoping and praying for an enjoyable and and academically progressive school year for all Students. Today, we are excited about the Lehmann Center, as we share an article about how electronic gadgets can elicit and motivate Students to communicate, entitled, 'Schools put iPad apps to use to help special needs students' Thanks to Alesha Williams Boyd | Staff Writer for (excerpt) "Anthony Leuck of Berkeley is used to communicating in ways that aren't quite conventional. The 18-year-old has an undiagnosed disorder that makes speech and muscle control extremely difficult." Like these Students, our son enjoys iPad, almost any device that is a 'touchscreen', hand-held, and is portable. Likewise, even as a 6 year old on the Autism Spectrum, he gravitates to electronic gadgets and software programs that provide an immediate response. Thanks to our Facebook Friend 'Autism Understanding and Acceptance' for sharing a good resource. AUA is a non-profit with 3578 Facebook Friends. Read how interactive electronic tablets such as iPad can help your child or Students who are on the Autism Spectrum.
Lakewood 08/17/11 - Lehmann School Airport Rd. Lakewood - Apple's iPAD is being used to help educate students with autism and other special needs through special applications. This musical program is called "Baby Piano"__Tim McCarthy/Staff Photgrapher
Lakewood 08/17/11 - Lehmann School Airport Rd. Lakewood - Apple's iPAD is being used to help educate students with autism and other special needs through special applications. Jonathan Bailey works a reading program assisted by teacher Mary Purcell (L) and instruction assistant Diane Gallegan __Tim McCarthy/Staff Photgrapher ENJOY!

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Hi5! We are now sharing in 2 Google Groups! Should Adults with Autism share that they are on the Spectrum to potential mates and/or when dating? Share your answers on this Google group Share your thoughts on Google group EnjoyHi5Autism Answer this question to share with thousands of people interested in Autism issues: ENJOY! 'Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism-A Family Experience' 'EnjoyHi5!Autism' (Adults on the Autism Spectrum) 'EnjoyHi5Autism' (audio & holidays posts)


Hi5! We are back at school. Big Fun on the weekend.
Can Am Spyder is fun for teenagers and adults who like controlled speed, being outdoors and just having fun. Check out Can-Am Sypder RT Model on YouTube. Here's a Can Am Spyder Photo Gallery .
Thanks Mortorcyle USA! MotoUSA Mobile Optimized for your device.
Try these GloRyder Accessories. Subscribe to their YouTube channel.
ENJOY! {This is not an official endorsement of Can Am Spyder, GloRyder or other related products. Use at your own discretion.} Referenceds & Resources 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT Model Intro - YouTube Sep 18, 2009 ... 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT Model Intro Read the full intro here: ... 2012 Can-Am Spyder RS/RT First Look - Motorcycle USA Jul 11, 2011 ... Can-Am reveals several variations of its 2012 Can-Am Spyder, including the sport -oriented RS-version and the ... 2011 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited Specifications and Price ... Your complete source for technical specifications and photos of the 2011 Can ... BRP Can-Am Spyder Roadster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Can-Am Spyder ("Spyder") is a Three wheeled motorcycle with a single rear drive wheel and two wheels in front for ... Can-Am Spyder Forums The premier BRP Can-Am Spyder owner and enthusiast Community with Forums, Photo Galleries, Classifieds, Parts and Accessories ... Can-Am Spyder Hybrid puts plug-in technology on three wheels Jan 27, 2011 ... With snow blanketing the Northeast, it hardly seems like the time to talk about motorcycles. But even if no one else is, at ...

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WrongPlanet- 2009

Hi5! In 2009, our son's school and Pediatric Doctor diagnosed him with Autism. Last Spring, our Child Development Specialist concluded that Joshua is on the Autism Spectrum with Asperger's Syndrome. Also, the doctor ascribed specific terms to his speech/language condition. Will will address this later. Today, we are sharing an excerpt from We believe that Parents should pursue specifics about their child's developmental disability. There is a difference between Classic and Regressive Autism, Aspergers and PDD-NOS (which we're told DSM-V will no longer identify this term). Parents, be encouraged to have as thorough a diagnosis as you can possibly bear to test. Knowing helps address specific behaviors, learning styles, language development, motor skill enhancements, assistive technologies, and just simply what is happening to your child. Again, we are shaing an excerpt from Wrong Planet. We hope you will review the entire post and helpful commments at Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 12:26 am Post subject: Im new to this, My son might have AS I am told this is a classic sign of Aspergers Syndrome, and may lead to a very fullfilling career in engineering. However, as Proud as I am about how much he knows about electronics... He does not focus on other things that he needs to know to start junior kindergarten in 2 weeks.
I would like to share some things about my son Julian. I have been told by doctors recently that they believe he has Asperger's Syndrome. I wanted to go straight to the source of ppl who are raising kids with this syndrome, or have it themselves.
i>I have been trying to teach my son his ABC's for a year now. he never pays attention, he shuts his eyes, or looks away. to say the least sometimes i think he does nto even hear me at all. then today, at a moment of weakness i yelled at him. "JULIAN U NEED TO KNOW UR ABC'S SO U CAN GO TO SCHOOL" he looked at me, and said his entire alphabet, A-Z. I sat there in complete shock, embarrassed, ashamed, amazed.... When did he learn his alphabet?
So many brilliant minds have Aspergers, then i read other blogs calling it a curse.. the worst thing that could have happened to them.... others say they are way smarter than the average person and their thought process is that of a genius.
The symptoms my son has are as follows: Walks on tiptoes, Plugs ears at loud sounds, flaps hands when excited, clumsy, socially awkward (at times, other times he is not) Obsessed with Snowmen, Santa, trucks,planes, computers, He has to Follow a STRICT schedual otherwise he is in complete chaos. He speaks only when spoken too, UNLESS he is talking about something that is of intrest to HIM, then he talks all the time, non stop. He has an incredible memory, Sometimes he seems detatched, or aloof like he is not there, or he is not paying attention... He has trouble with his motor skills, He is nearly four and can not hold a pencil properly. he makes very poor eye contact, but he does occasionally look you in the eyes.
A Reply in 2009 Your son's writing troubles may have something to do with Hyptonia which is a part of aspergers. Essentially it means low muscle tone but probably not in the sense you'd expect. ... In particular, you might want to check out hyptonia and the tips for parents bits. Gavin.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mind-controlled computing for the disabled | Technology

Israel21 channel

Mind-controlled computing for the disabled | Technology

Amazing Medical Service Dogs

We are enjoying a new school year.
We are enjoying a new schedule.
We are enjoying a new class.
We are enjoying 2 Teachers: General Education and Special Education.
We are enjoying new classmates.
We are enjoying riding the new school bus.

We are enjoying Babe.
Babe is a "flat coated retriever mix dog.
Babe the dog us at our elementary school. Babe serves in the Mild/Moderate class. Babe is a registered Pet Partner of the Delta Society. The Delta Society is an international organization that trains and certifies dogs to assist people.
Kindly consider donating to the Delta Society. Our son's Special Education Teacher shared that our son initiated conversation and is more expressive when Babe is in class. Our son gas enjoyed digs, big dogs like Babe, since he was a newborn. At 6 months, he would crawl or scoot over to our neighbors dogs. He is not apprehensive around dogs like Babe

As we shared last year, maybe Babe will convince Dada to get us a family dog, like Babe the Delta Society service animal.
Here is an article tweeted by @DeltaSociety about how animals like Babe is helping people like our son and his classmates.

Amazing Medical Service Dogs


References and Resources!/DeltaSociety
(families with Autism)
(Parents/Caretakers and Adults on the Autism Spectrum)
(autism-related videos)
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Affordable Care Act


{This post represents a bipartisan viewership.  It is not intended to endorse the White House or the President of the United States of America, or Congress.  Rather, White House posts reflect policies and issues that directly impact Developmental Disabilities concerns with regards to Executive Orders, Acts/Bills, Services, Lifestyle of the Supporters of 'Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience'.  It is hoped that all of our blog Followers and affiliates are hopeful with regards to the global proliferation of inalienable rights, Human Rights, the pursuit of happiness, treating the universal community as equals in an effort to live peacefully on earth and the heavens.} 

Thursday, August 4, 2011 12:21 PM

Please Circulate.

The White House Blog

Responding To Representative Ryan

Posted by Stephanie Cutter on August 03, 2011 at 09:14 PM EDT
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan offered an interesting take on the President’s leadership on dealing with our long-term debt and deficits the recent deficit reduction negotiations in today’s Wall Street JournalBelow are a few of Congressman Ryan’s claims along with our responses. 

Claim: Spending on Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act is projected to skyrocket, while the House Republicans’ budget outlined a responsible approach to Medicare and Medicaid Reform.
  • The Affordable Care Act was fully paid for, and according to the CBO will reduce the deficit by $200 billion over the next 10 years and by more than $1 trillion in the next decade.
  • The Affordable Care Act will provide coverage to 34 million Americans and will extend the life of the Medicare trust fund.
  • The House Republican plan would convert Medicare into a voucher program; increasing seniors’ health costs by $6,400 annually starting in 2022; raise health insurance premiums for middle-class Americans and small businesses; and cut Federal Medicaid spending by one-third by the end of the decade, which would cause 50 million to lose coverage.
Stephanie Cutter is Assistant to the President and Deputy Senior Advisor

If you are interested in reviewing the other 4 Claims and the White House's Response to them, refer to: The White House Blog.

Celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the original signing of the
 by President Bush on July 26, 1990.