Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the wise owl

"the wise owl' Parents, are 'the wise owl' with regard to our childs education? If your child is a Student who receives Special Education Services, do you know the Who?, What?, When?, Why?, How?, Where? about those services? Here are a few related school terms we review over the summer break, as well as, periodically, throughout the academic year. With every school year, there are new terms to learn. If you follow 'Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience' or any of our other 'EnjoyHi5!Autism' sites [http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/blog/enjoyhi5autism_kbj_cosse/], you have read and hopefully have familiarized yourself with these concepts: Parent Student School Teacher Administration/Faculty/Staff Classmates/Peers/Peer Buddy Social Skills Social Development Social Engagement Emerging Bullying Peer-Engagement Auditory/Visual Learner Video-Modeling PECS Health Reporrt Immunization/Vaccination Transportation Accountability Communication Special Education Special Education Services Special Needs Disability Developmental Disabilities Learning Disabilities Developmental Delays Early Intervention FAPE IEP IDEA Inclusion Integration Self-Determiniation Productivity Independence Network Collaboration Team Community Medical/Clinical People First Language Restraints Seclusion Corporal Punishment PBS SWPBS PBIS Manners Behavior Discipline BIP FBA CLASSROOM ASSISTANCE FOR STUDENTS WITH ATYPICAL BEHAVIORS(CAAB) PUPIL APPRAISAL PARENT'S RIGHTS IEP HANDBOOK EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR PROGRAM Truancy Absent/Tardy Reduced Numbers Mainstream (ed) Dibels Types of Instruction Subjects Budget No Child Left Behind (NCLB) UDL LRE LEA Progress Report Evaluation Assessment Pupil Appraisal Before Care After Care Adapt Dress Code Releases Authorized Participation/Involvement Accommodations Modifications Therapies O.T. A.P.E. Speech/Language Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Integration Sensory Diet Parent/Teacher Conference PTA RtI Homework Tutor Reinforcement Motivators Accessible CAST Assistive Technology TA&D Extra Curricular Electives Safety e2Campus Resources PTAC Parent Training and Information Center Parent Centers - Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs) Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers Advocacy Attorney Awareness Network Parent Advisory Council(or Committee) - local/district State Board of Education Special Populations Special Education Advisory Council(or Committee) - state Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services - federal Office Special Education Programs - federal Administration on Developmental Disabiliteis - federal U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children & Families ADA Rehabilitation Act Section 508.gov NECTAC ICC SICC Wrights Law Law Enforcemcent Collaboration Partners In Policymaking Developmental Disabilities Council National Center for Education Statistics National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center AHEAD (Autism) Related Wandering Safety and Prevention AWAARE (Autism) Risk Management AAIDD NCLD NICHCY NOTE: WE ARE EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES WITH THE LAYOUT AND PUBLISHING OF OUR BLOG. KINDLY EXCUSE THIS FORMAT. BELOW ARE REFERENCES TO OUR OTHER MICRO-BLOGS AND SOCIAL NETWORKS THAT ARE PUBLISHING CORRECTLY. References & Resources IDEA.ogv ED.gov The Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) @disability.gov (Twitter) Social Networks Blogs Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Wordpress, Text, SMS, Blog 'EnjoyHi5!Autism' blogs: (NetworkedBlog for daily posts EnjoyHi5Autism) http://apps.facebook.com/blognetworks/blog/enjoyhi5autism (Self-Advocates & Parents/Caretakers) http://enjoyhi5autism.blogspot.com (audio/holidays) http://enjoyhi5autism.wordpress.com (Families) http://familyenjoyinghi5autism.blogspot.com (videos) http://www.vimeo.com/enjoyhih5autism http://www.youtube.com/user/enjoyhi5autism (networking/support/resources) http://www.twitter/#!/enjoyhi5autism Think about it... Wise Owl A Woodland Indian Myth {excerpt} The Everything-Maker snapped his fingers. "I have made your ears big, the better to listen. I have made your eyes big, the better to see. I have made your neck short, the better to hold up your head. I have packed your head with wisdom, as you have asked. Now, use your wisdom and fly away before you lose what I have given." http://nativeamericans.mrdonn.org/stories/wiseowl.html Same Story - in illustrated PowerPoint format http://presentations.pppst.com/wiseowl.ppt Why are owls perceived in folklore as being wise? Aug 25, 2005 ...{excerpt} Whether delivering an environmental message, correcting the spelling of a famous bear, or sailing away with a beauteous kitty, owls have quite a hold on our imaginations. But how did they garner such a reputation for intelligence? Owls are nocturnal birds and function extremely well at night. Their ability to see in the dark has elevated owls, in some cultures, to manifestations of wisdom. In Western folklore, owls are commonly associated with studious scholars and wise elders. Perhaps the earliest known link between owls and wisdom ... ask.yahoo.com/20050825.html http://ask.yahoo.com/20050825.html

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