Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amazing Medical Service Dogs

We are enjoying a new school year.
We are enjoying a new schedule.
We are enjoying a new class.
We are enjoying 2 Teachers: General Education and Special Education.
We are enjoying new classmates.
We are enjoying riding the new school bus.

We are enjoying Babe.
Babe is a "flat coated retriever mix dog.
Babe the dog us at our elementary school. Babe serves in the Mild/Moderate class. Babe is a registered Pet Partner of the Delta Society. The Delta Society is an international organization that trains and certifies dogs to assist people.
Kindly consider donating to the Delta Society. Our son's Special Education Teacher shared that our son initiated conversation and is more expressive when Babe is in class. Our son gas enjoyed digs, big dogs like Babe, since he was a newborn. At 6 months, he would crawl or scoot over to our neighbors dogs. He is not apprehensive around dogs like Babe

As we shared last year, maybe Babe will convince Dada to get us a family dog, like Babe the Delta Society service animal.
Here is an article tweeted by @DeltaSociety about how animals like Babe is helping people like our son and his classmates.

Amazing Medical Service Dogs


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(Parents/Caretakers and Adults on the Autism Spectrum)
(autism-related videos)
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