Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi-5! Still Excited! Still Enjoying!

Good Morning,

We wanted to share more about why we started this blog and entitled it, "Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism-A Family Experience".

EXCITED - Well, we are just as Excited about our 5 year old son as the day the doctor announced, "You're Pregnant!" Yep! We're still jumping for Joy and so is he!

Hi-5s!? - (our definition) Two people clapping together one of their hands to signify Excitement and Enjoyment. Our son likes to give and receive Hi-5s! This is his way of expressing accomplishment, approval and that's right, sheer enjoyment! Hi-5s were one of the first ways he communicated with his teachers at school. As our son calls out his bus #, Hi-5s are what he gives his bus driver and assistant. Hi-5s are another way he says, "good morning, this is my correct bus and I enjoy riding with you all to school." Just this Father's Day, he gave Hi-5s and handshakes to both his grandpas! What a wonderful treat for them to feel his warmth and exuberant touch. A moment of sheer joy! Additionally, Hi-5s helps our son play more socially with his cousins and other kids. All types of communication(verbal, nonverbal, body language, facial expressions,etc...) is important, especially in parallel play. Hi-5s fit right in as socially acceptable.

Okay, next time, we'll conclude this blog series as we share about family and experiences.

Remember, take some time to share a few Hi-5s! We did on June 26th, while watching Toy Story3 movie at AMC Sensory-Friendly Theater in Harahan,LA.  Partnering with the Autism Society of America, AMCC's sensory-integration method of viewing accommodated our son's need for dim lights, low volume, and no previews!  Bringing our own preferred snacks was a big Hi-5!  Wer're checking their sites for the monthly viewings.Sensory-Friendly Films at AMC Movie Theatres  

Happy July4th America!

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