Friday, July 23, 2010

Not Sure


Not Sure about ....

Autism Spectrum Disorder - can we use a more positive term instead of 'disorder'.
We know that our kids are not operating completely according to standards, societal norms, grade level expectations, etc...

How about just simply say Autism Spectrum. 

Who added the descriptor 'disorder'?

Don't want to use it anymore. Don't want to say that anymore. 

How about Autism Spectrum Functions, ok, 'symptoms' even sounds better. 

How do you say to your child that they have a 'disorder'? 
Trying to explain Autism Spectrum is difficult, enough.

And you want our son to be accepted by his peers. But, you say he has a 'disorder'! Go figure!?

What or how did you explain ASD to your diagnosed child, to his siblings, to his friends?

What or how does your child explain her ASD conditon?  Oh! see there's another term we could use CONDITION!  Sounds much better than the 'd' word. - See, told you so-- not using that term any more!

Okay, so now that that's settled...

What about the descriptive statement  'Our child has ASD.' 

What's wrong with that?

Oh come on ...!   It's the word 'has'!
Let's reflect on the definition of 'has'...

Seems like this Autism Spectrum condition 'has' him and not that our son 'has' AS! 
It's not like he choose AS.  Our son did not hand-pick Autism as a preferred condition in comparison to other developmental disabilites.

Let's see if we could start a  Petition called 'Change the Clinical Name of Autism Spectrum Disorder to Autism Spectrum (Condition)" international campaign!

Ops! said the 'd'  word again! I guess outdated, insensitive, inferior descriptors are difficult to stop saying.

Is all of this rambling just still a sense of DENIAL?!


Let's start writing that Petition!
{Who do we send it to - the CDC, the DSMD, the APA, or just all the medical boards, in general?}


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