Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FYI - Back to School #3 - "All About Me"


(depending on where you live)

Alright, are we get ready?

Here is another meet and greet type of booklet you can make with your child.   "All About Me!" is 'A Get To Know Me Guide for Children and Students with disABILITIES'. This guide was developed through a partnership of  the Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center(LaPTIC) and the Mississippi Parent Training and Information Center.

This one is more formal and reads more like a book.  If you get a copy, it contains preinserted pictures. To personalize it, you can always paste your own photos over the existing ones. Like most kids, our son started reading pictures then words.  Fortunately,being touched with autism has not affected his enjoyment for reading and being creative.

The 9 page guide book includes:

Welcome to My Book - introduction page
My Family
My Strengths
Recent Changes in My Life
Some of my Interests...
My favorite ways to be recognized for doing well are
My Sensory Challenges...Sounds, Smells, Tastes
My Self Care...Dressing,Toileting, Eating,Handwashing
I have the following medical concerns...
Some other important information you should know about me...

We are comparing the two.  Maybe, we choose "All About Me!"  for our son's 2 teachers and doctors; and give "Introducing Me" to his principal, service providers, paraprofessionals.  Either book will have your child set apart as a 'serious' student who is eager to learn and maintain a good behavior. 

Another thought is to give a copy to relatives(grandparents, relatives whom your child enjoys sleepovers).  You may not want to give out too many copies, because it is personal information about your child who has feelings.  So use discretion, of course.

Whatever you decide, remember to include your child's name, photos , and allow your child to design the book with their personal touches. We will let our 5 year old write his name and some of the 'answers' with his favorite color markers. We want them to be proud of their own work when they present their booklets during orientation.

Finally, it's a good idea to review the booklet periodically during the school year:
  1. when your child needs encouragement
  2. when your child is home on long breaks (holiday seasons, Spring Break, Summer time)

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