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Happy VALUE Day! sharing 'Artists and Autism' & 'Autism Exposure'


Hi-5! Just decided a way to share some good news.  Blog about it. 

On our Facebook page, we have the honor of highlighting "Artists and Autism" (administered by Jeffrey M. Kellan,who also has a FB link).
The art pieces and music features are wonderful.

Yesterday, we shared one of the art works entitled "ESE Extremely Strong Emotions". 

We think sharing selections from Artists and Autism and from Autism Exposure should be dedicated for Sundays.  Happy 'VALUE Day!' is the theme reflecting the inherint, innate, undeniable VALUE that is present in all people with a developmental disability

Let us share what we wrote on one of the contributors Facebook page, after reading her piece with a question for Parents of children with this and other neurological conditions. We hope that Parents of neuro-typical children will seek to understand and share with their kids,too.

July 17, 2010

Autism Exposure Discussion: i have asked this question before but i think it is important as will help people understand autism better. As a parent of a child with an ASD what do you wish people knew or understood about your child??

5 hours ago

Kbj C- I wish people knew that my 5 year old son is happy, athletic and enjoys life. I wish they understand, that just because he has ASD, does not make him void of feelings, deaf or an inanimate object. Thus, my son feels your discomfort, hears your rude comments and sees your piercing stares. You are not invisible and neither is he. He is just as curious about you as you are about him, but, he shows manners, as he has been taught by his parents. He is a developing person with a developmental disability. ASD is not contagious- in the medical sense. Rather intellectually, non-disabled kids can learn from disabled kids - if adults would cease prejudicial prejudgements and seperation. [ Now let's sing, "I love you, you love me"...see most kids know this unifying song.]

2 seconds ago
Then we wrote:
I'm going to share this question on my Google blog - "Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience (of Life raising a child with a developmental disability). But, right now, I have to pray. Sharing how others sometimes view my child is painful.
[Kindly 'friend' each of these artists Facebook pages, too. (Artists and Autism and Autism Exposure).  We hope you will learn a lot from them, just as we do every time we view their sites. We appreciate how they share their hearts, so honest, so pure.]
Autism Exposure
exposing the world towards acceptance, understanding and the truths of autism.

Home Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Description: this page was created by a young woman diagnosed with autism who purposes in spreading awareness, acceptance and understanding across the world.

Website: http://www.autismexposure.ning.com108/ People Like This

2 albums Angels with autism

Created about 2 weeks ago College Graduates with an ASD

Artists and Autism by Jeffrey M. Kellan

Artists and Autism postings are to be strictly art and/or music--no other posts of any kind will be tolerated...:)

Location: Fort Wayne, IN


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God's Ears - Independent Film from Grizzly Peak Films 2:14pm Jul 17.

"Friendships and Autism" written and copyrighted by Melody_Rain 5:20pm Jul 16.

Creative minds  1:31pm Jul 15


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Probing Question: Can autistic people succeed at work? 7:15am Jul 17

Autism, PDD-NOS & Asperger's fact sheets Depression and suicide risk with Asperger syndrome and A 4:28pm Jul 16

Pain: Teaching what it is and what it means 1:31pm Jul 15

{Check today's next blog "Happy VALUE Day!"  sharing one of the art works entitled "ESE Extremely Strong Emotions".}


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