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Happy VALUE Day! sharing 'Extremely Strong Emotions' 'E.S.E.'


Well, this past Sunday, did not seem like a Hi-5 day - at least not for about 1 hour or so.  Read further to find out why.  We hope this blog helps those who do not understand how Autism Spectrum Disorders 'touch' the lives of people.  We hope this blog reassures those who do understand that you are not alone. Let's stay strong for our children, loved ones, colleagues and even the people with Developmental Disabilities whom we have yet to meet.

THIS IS NOT A typical TEMPER TANTRUM!  This a child diagnosed with autism having what we so naively consider to be 'a bad day'.  We don't know, this hour could have been wonderful for our son. Afterwards, our 5 year old seemed so relieved. Read on.

The National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health have identified 7 'Major Brain Structures Implicated in Autism: the Cerebral Cortex, the Amagdala, the Hypocampus, the Basal Ganglia, the Brain Stem, the Cerubellum and the Corpos Callosum Autism Brain (NIMH,NIH) . Because our son does not have 'the words' to say over 90% or more of his thoughts,feelings-we do not know if one of his brain parts was bothering him - you know like when you have a headache, earache, or toothache.  He could have simply been feeling overstimulated.  Read on.

Oh! He's just tired - but, he said 'no' when offered a nap.  Maybe, he's hungry - but, he had just eaten a fav snack.  Perhaps, he wants to go outside in the pool - another firm 'no' reply.  Now what?!  This usually is life on the autism spectrum of disorders?!?!?!?!

Sometimes the ASD life is as Artsists and Autism contributor Catherine Contillo rendered - 'E.S.E. Extremely Strong Emotions'

We shared this artpiece with our son's Child Development Specialist -
"We wanted to share this art piece about how our son feels sometimes. This was how he expressed it-just like E.S.E. - it is so unbelievably accurate, we thought we were looking at our son. We wrote this on our Facebook page, where the artwork is featured via 'Artists and Autism' on Facebook. The artist Catherine Contillo thoughts revealing her artpiece's concept is below. First are our thoughts about the artpiece we shared with the artist. Additionally,we feel the (Artists and Autism)Facebook self-portrait depicts his expressions,sometimes,too. "

"What do you think?"

As Parents, we are hoping for answers, even if they come from Mars!

Here is what we wrote on the Artists and Autism Facebook post to thank Catherine Contillo -

"This artist accurately depicted our 5 year old son's expression, about once a month. E.S.E. depicts our son this past sunday for about 1 hour. He did not have the words to describe what he 'wanted',was feeling. We could not console him. We felt helpless,unempowered,but not hopeless. [You don't punish,scold,ignore or hate a person experiencing E.S.E.]. Instead,we massaged him, soothingly talked to him - trying to communicate, reach into his world. He just cried like this until we think he was exhausted or he no longer 'wanted' or 'felt' that way. Then, on his queue, we just happily played, like before he was thinking or feeling this way.
 Oh, If we could know what made him just suddenly express E.S.E. We don't know if he was feeling this way all morning, or if E.S.E simply overwhelmed him. Then, for a moment, you think, does he want us to know? We do not always explain why we are feeling a certain way - we don't know why we are feeling a certain way...SO WHY SHOULD HE! Our love for him just makes you want to void the pain and reveal his usual joy. But, humans were designed to have a myriad of emotions, even 'Extremely Strong Emotions'!
He just cried like this until we think he was exhausted or he no longer 'wanted' or 'felt' that way. Then, on his queue, we just happily played, like before he was thinking or feeling this way. Catherine Contillo, we need a copy of E.S.E to show his child development specialist. I am in awe at this depiction-truly 'Extremely Strong Emotions'(7-9-10)." [KBJC',7-13-2010Facebook]

Below are the comments about how artist Catherine Contillo derived at what we feel are son's "inner soul depiction", sometimes - when he seems to not be his 'usual joyful self'.

Artists and Autism I just love this next work by Catherine Contillo. I think and feel it is extremely representational of how many on the spectrum must feel sometimes, especially those that are nonverbal. On her work, Contillo had this to say: "I was laying in bed early early morning because I couldn't sleep at all. So, I made a painting in my head, and I thought of this painting. A painting with strong emotions, so the title I gave it is. E.S.E. Extremely Strong Emotions. I love how it came out like the painting in my mind. 7.9.10"

Let's sing Barney's theme song, ...
"I LOVE YOU, YOU LOVE ME. We're a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,won't you say you LOVE me too!"  I Love You Barney's theme song

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