Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"What A Tribute!"


Scotty B. Memorial to all Rapid City residents with a disAbility.
Kbj Cosse': "What a tribute!"
                                                              [Facebook entry July 27, 2010]

July 26, 2010 marked the 20th Anniversary of the signing of landmark legislation to curb the injustices experienced by Americans with disabilities. Known as the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 - a civil rights decree to bring parity, services, understanding, acceptance and appreciation for our fellow citizens - who are challenged with a disability

A disability may be of the physical, mental, visual, auditory,medical, and mobility nature.  Like our 5 year old son who IS 'enjoying the hi-5s of autism', a disability may also be a developmental condition.

We thank our good Facebook friend Anna B. of Rapid City, South Dakota for sending in this picture of a statue in her hometown.  Rapid City has long stood as a supporter of its residents with disabilities.  Mr. Scotty B. lived and enjoyed life, even as an adult with a debilitating degenerative disease.  As you observe this awe-inspiring testiment to the great people of Rapid City, notice that -just like many of his fellow residents without a disability:
Scotty B. is smiling.
Scotty B. is well-groomed.
Scotty B. is in motion.
Scotty B. is going about his  daily goals of life.
Scotty B. is still contributing to his community.

Also, we like this memorial statue because it is exhibited in an American public square!  This is reflective of how people with disabilities want to be productive, understood and appreciated for their ABILITIES - instead of being idle, unknown and hidden away in shame.

Thank you Anna B. for sharing.  Thank you Rapid City,S.D. for caring. Thank you Scotty B. and so many others for enduring joyfully.  If ever we travel to your great city, we would definitely want to take a picture with you and Scotty B. IN an American PUBLIC SQUARE!

Kindly share your photo or story about a person(s) with a disAbility. 


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