Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy VALUE Day! BOWLING Bonanza!


Alright, this is our 3rd installment of the Happy VALUE Day! 

We want to celebrate the wonderful works of people with disabilities.  We want to say thank you.  We want non disabled people to appreciate the VALUE of so many special needs people within our communities.  We hope people without a disability will join us, and other supporters, as we endeavor to acknowledge, understand, and accept the disability sector of our populations.

Everyone has VALUE.  This includes so many of our loved ones, friends, neighbors, teachers, advocates, coaches, librarians, pastors etc... who are enjoying life - even while managing a disability.

This Sunday, we VALUE the group called S.A.G.E. because they are friendly, funny and serve great food!

Our 5 year old son totally enjoyed himself and did not want to leave after bowling for over 1 hour!  Even an autism condition could not impede him from bowling!  He tolerated a new enviroment, being around a lot of unfamiliar faces; and lots of noise from the bowling balls clanging against the pins! 

So, now we have to bowl at least once a month!
This is the invitation announcing the group, fundraiser and contact info. on Facebook.

Northshore Families Helping Families
Tiffany Lanes in Mandeville is raising money for S.A.G.E (Self Advocates Gaining Empowerment), our adult group. Sweet treats will be sold and a raffle for an LSU bowling ball and a Saints bowling ball! July 31-Aug 7. Drawing for the bowling balls will be Aug 7th. Contact us for more info! 985-875-0511
July 19 at 1:31pm

So, you still have time to help S.A.G.E.
One more week left to buy tickets for a great group!
HOPE our tickets get pulled!
We want that Saints bowling ball!

Mrs. Carmen's reminder posts on Facebook. {We get her posts on our mobile phone because we 'suscribe' to her FB SMS posts. This is good especially when you are on the go!}

Speaking about benefits...please pass the word there's a bowling benefit for the Adult Group, SAGE. $10 10-2, Saturday, July 31, raffles, lunch, red beans and rice, sweets...good cause. Open to the PUBLIC, proceeds to benefit SAGE directly. Check it out on NFHF website...see you there..
July 24 at 3:31pm

Tomorrow is our big day. Bowling benefit from Tiffany Lanes...$10 for four hours bowling 10-2. Sweet sale, JPAS Northshore Pkg. Raffle, cash raffle, lunch $5 red beans rice fun recreation, arcade, pool table...beat the heat index of 115 come inside and bowlin with us in benefit Adults with Disabilities group.
Friday at 11:31pm

Glad Mrs. Carmen sent these reminders cause often caring for a loved one with special needs can put you in a care-giver's bubble. It was good to get out and balance out our lives by enjoying life with others.

These are the appreciation comments we posted on Facebook pages:

Northshore Families Helping Families
Kbj Cosse' We had a ball! 123 roll the ball- black, blue, purple, and orange is son's fav! He played all 10 rounds with score of 78! Glad we bought the home bowling kit! This was his first time public bowling!! Fellowship! Fun! Food! Thanks to Carmen, Perry, Gina, Wendy and all S.A.G.E. members, as well as, Tiffany Lanes! What a way for our family to close out celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the A.D.A.!

This is our thank you to Mrs. Carmen & S.A.G.E.
· Kbj Cosse' We had a ball!
· Kbj Cosse' Joshie 1st time publi bowling!
· .Kbj Cosse' ‎123 roll the ball-black,blue, purple,orange is fav!
· .Kbj Cosse' Joshie finished all 10 score 78!
· Kbj Cosse' His school O.T. in next lane AMAZED!
· .Kbj Cosse' Enjoyed meeting new friends.
· .Kbj Cosse' Hubby says sign up for next time! WOW!
· .Kbj Cosse' Hubby still asking for y'alls red beans and rice! Guess, I should've gotten a bowl to go! Well, a can of Blue Runners will have to suffice!

So, you still have time to help S.A.G.E.
One more week left to buy tickets for a great group!
HOPE our tickets get pulled!
We want that Saints bowling ball!
But, if we win the LSU bowling ball, giving it to our big Sis' in Cali who's a Tiger alumni!

S.A.G.E. upcoming fundraiser posted on Mrs. Carmen's Facebook page on 7/31/2010:

Raffles to benefit the group; biggie is to welcome Jefferson Performing Arts Society to the Northshore two tickets for three (3) performances in St.Tammany (LaBoheme, Meshuggah-NUNS!, Sound of Music, dialogue, sing-along concert). $5 rafffle, drawing in October! All to benefit SAGE! THANK YOU!

We hope to fellowship with  S.A.G.E. for their next fundraiser and a bowling day!

1) Northshore Families Helping Families is  is a family-driven resource center for individuals with disabilities and their families.  Our Mission: To provide the individualized services, information, resources and support needed to positively enhance the independence, productivity and inclusion of individuals with disabilities.Visit our website for more info. at  Contact us at (985) 875-0511or 1-800-383-8700 or email  Please register for all events unless otherwise noted.

2) S.A.G.E. is the Adult Program for NFHF. S.A.G.E. (Self Advocates Gaining Empowerment) offers individuals with disabilities over 18 an opportunity to spend time with others in a fun and care-free environment. This group gets together once a month for a social event and weekly to bowl. We also have small workshops on topics of interest for the adults tailored specifically for them. Please contact Carmen O'mara to join or with any questions. 

3) Carmen O'Mara is the Adult Program Coordinator (S.A.G.E.); and LaCAN Liaison.  Louisianan Citizens for Action Now (LaCAN) is a statewide grassroots network of individuals and families advocating for a service system that supports individuals with disabilities to live in their own homes.

4) So, if you're in New Orleans Metro area on Saturdays at 11AM/cst, S.A.G.E. is bowling at Tiffany Lanes bowling facility in Mandeville, LA. The Northshore of St. Tammany Parish is just 1 hour from downtown New Orleans via the Twin Span Bridge at I-12. Also, if you visit, it is only 30 minutes from Metairie, LA in Jefferson Parish via the Causeway Bridge.

5) "Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism-A Family Experience" is now on Facebook  We write a supplemental of this blog on our FB website and Discussion tab section. Leave your comments, questions, and replies at!/pages/Enjoying-the-Hi-5s-of-Autism-A-Family-Experience/135895773111543?v=info&ref=ts

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