Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy VALUE Day! to Students receiving a very special Education!


'Happy VALUE Day!' is the theme reflecting the inherent, innate, undeniable VALUE that is present in all people with a developmental disability, or disability in general.

We believe that our son is valuable to us, every day. We select Sunday's to honor the value in others, like him with Autism and other neurological, developmental conditions. Individuals with disabilities should be understood, accepted, and appreciated, too. So, we want to join others in celebrating the good ways that individuals with special needs contribute to their communities.


Why do we VALUE our child learning from Special Education curriculum and techniques?*

We thought about this question as we shared with other Parents during our son's 'Meet & Greet' at his elementary school. He has a new teacher, old and new classmates, and a somewhat new classroom(shared in snack time, previously);and all at the same school.

We VALUE our son's special needs education because it is administered by trained professionals who compassionately help our son learn his academic lessons.

We appreciate our son's willingness to learn from several types of instructors EVERY school day.  In collaboration with his Teachers, our son learns from the help of special services professionals like: occupational therapists, speech language instructors, adaptive physical education specialists, etc... (we will discuss teaching aides as the school year progresses).

His Special Education Team help him embrace inclusion concepts while he plays in a least restrictive enviroment.

It is really helpful when schools implement the 'universal design' classroom components for teaching and learning throughout the entire school (regular and special education classrooms, cafeteria, libraries, playground, gym, computer lab, arts, music, sports,band, dance, the chest club and other extracurricular activities).

His elementary school is mindful of his need for specific accommodations and modifications that assist him with learning. For instance, our son uses adaptive scissors and visual aides to participate in assignments. 

Our son is not 'acting' like a baby at school.

Rather, our son is learning from his autistic perspective.

His Teachers do not allow him or his peers to focus on the 'dis'.

Instead, his Teachers show him and his peers how to target his ABILITIES!

Having a unique learning style is not bad or sad.

Skills for learning from within an autism spectrum presents innovative opportunities for his educators, him and his school mates.

Our son learns from his Teachers and peers how to communicate, socialize, share, laugh and play with his classmates.

Our son and his Teachers help his classmates understand, accept and appreciate him as a fellow student with VALUE!

Our son is learning how to understand, accept and appreciate his school, classwork, instructors and peers.  In other words, he is learning how to VALUE people who do not act, think, respond, or learn the way he does, too.

All of this reciprocal VALUE exchanging is very important because ...
{as we adults learned/sang in school and now our kids are learning/singing in school}...

"This land is your land, this land is my land

From California to the New York Island

From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters

This land was made for you and me." 

So, 'Happy VALUE Day!' to all the Students who are receiving and enjoying a very special Education!


Note: * Special Education (needs) Students include individuals who attend schools on a  full-time or amended schedule basis.  These Students may have physical, intellectual, emotional, motor, cognitive, visual,auditory,mental, developmental, and learning disabilities. These Students usually require enhanced, modified and/or accomodating teaching methods to successfully learn in their academic arenas. Thank you, too.

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