Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FYI: Back to School#6 - 'TEACHING Your Teacher'


Get Ready!
School starts in less than a week, depending on where you live!

Ten Things Your Student With Autism Wishes You Knew

Insight from a child’s perspective.

By Ellen Notbohm

All behavior occurs for a reason. It tells you, even when my words can't, how I perceive what is happening around me. Negative behavior interferes with my learning process. But merely interrupting these behaviors is not enough. Teach me to exchange “bad” behaviors with proper alternatives so that real learning can flow. I want to learn to interact appropriately. Negative behavior usually means I am overwhelmed by disordered sensory systems, cannot communicate my wants or needs or don’t understand what is expected of me. Look beyond my behavior to find the source of my resistance. Keep notes as to what happened immediately before the behavior, documenting people involved, time of day, recent activities and current settings. A pattern may emerge.

Do you know how your child with Autism communicates to his/her Teacher?

Do you know that your child with Autism may communicate differently with his Teacher than the way he/she communicates with his family?

Does the Teacher of your child with Autism knows how he/she communicates?

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