Thursday, July 1, 2010



Welcome to "Enjoying the Hi-5's of Autism - A Families Experience of Life (raising a child who has a Developmental Disability)".

We are blogging our first post! So excited we finally decided to do one. We intend to speak to the disability community through this blog. Wait a minute! Do not block, or log off of us. We need everyone to help advocate for people with developmental disabilities.

YOU never know when your family's life will be impacted by a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

YOU never know when a co-worker will need assistive technologies to help them remain a valuable colleague.

YOU never know when your neighbor may need to put up a special traffic safety sign in the neighborhood because of a hearing impairment.

YOU never know when you plan a party that you may need to provide special accommodations for your neighbor who walks with braces and crutches.

YOU never know when you may need to request an assistant to come with your grandchild when he/she visits you for the summer.

You never know when you may respond to a 911 call and that patient is wearing a medical bracelet that indicates 'PDD-NOS'.

WILL YOU KNOW HOW TO Enjoy and/or help any of these people with a Developmental Disability?

Okay, enough said. Just wanted to give YOU some food for thought.

Next topic: What exactly is a 'developmental' disability?


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