Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FYI - Back to School #4 - Immunizations and Vaccinations Oh my!

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Okay, get shots before or after his birthday...before-that way he can enjoy the party... no after-that way he can enjoy his party.  The great debate begins a month in advance!  So agonizing!  This year, we chose before, no I think after his birthday.  Well, it does not matter when you schedule your child's recommended immunizations, THEY WILL NOT ENJOY THE PAIN!

We are not blogging about debating whether we approve of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, or whether you should comply with school entry requirements, or whether your pediatrician is unprofessional if he suggests you don't need the vaccinations

You know, we think our son knows that the around my birthday pediatrician visit is always going to end with PAIN!  Why can't these experts invent a vitamin, a liquid dosage, or some other non-invasive, much less painful or a pain-free method of innoculation of our kids.  Last year, we totally enjoyed the new H1-N1 up the nose inhaling method.  Our son was pleasantly surprised with that immunization visit.  We did our research.  Informed the pediatric schedular that we want the nasal version AND we reminded them that our son has Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We prepared our son for the dreaded visit by reminding him that the same way we have to spray his nose when he is sick, is the same way the doctor is going to do it to hopefully prevent him from becoming sick.  Again, our son was pleasantly surprised and afterwards scurried off the table heading for the door to go to his fav 'doctor visit reward' park!  {By the way this playground is 70%  handicap accessible and all children can play together inclusively on  a variety of uniquely modified apparatus - Kids Konnection A Boundless Playground.}

Not so last week!  We were not prepared!  What happened?!! 5th Birthday Celebration, writing Enjoy blog; July 4th ; grandpa hospitalized,daily routines, etc... But, this was a routine visit, right?!
1) Scheduled early annual visit.
2) Reminded Staff of special needs-accommodations/modifications,if any.
4) Packed snacks, h2o juice, fav tech toy and the perennial doctor's visit book.
3) Arrived 20 minutes early for transition time and to play in well-equipped resource area!

So what happened?
a) New staff - including his personal nurse, all were unfamiliar faces from the receptionist area to the attending nurse OMG!!!
b) No familiar kids in play area.
c) Scheduled too late in afternoon around nap time.
d) Unaware of CDC spring recommendation for new vaccination.
e) No doctor's office advance notice of new vaccination.
f) Doctor's office overlooked another vaccine that should have been given on a previous visit.

So, getting ready includes getting ready the right way, too.

ENJOY! the rest of your summer.

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