Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When Did You Stop Crying! - From Diagnosis to Action


"AUTISM - ADVOCATE! no longer just crying! OMG!"

This is our quote posted on our Facebook page.  We decided this is the stage were are at now.

Prior to our being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we just thought he was a 'norma'l,' regular','typical' happy baby.

Then, his pediatrician, early intervention preschool and child development specialist ALL at once seemed to come to the same conclusion - after independent tests, assessments, evaluations and observations.
  • a neurological condition
  • early intervention
  • a learning disability
  • academically challenged
  • a developmental disability
  • sensory integration issues (touch, hear, taste, smell, see - all 5 human senses affected)
  • social underdevelopments
  • communication deficits 
  • special needs
  • special education (O.T., APE, Speech/Language,A.T., Sensory Room, ABA)
  • behavior intervention plans (possbily needed in future) 
  • tests, evaluations, assessments, observations
That's when the crying started!  What  does all of these labels mean?
  1. Is our son no longer the happy baby we brought home from the hospital 2 years ago?
  2. Is our toddler just simply going through the terrible 2s?
  3. Are we bad Parents?
  4. Is our child really that 'different?
  5. He's just a picky eater, right?
  6. But, isn't he ah some kind of genuis?(misspelled on purpose)
  7. Doesn't quoting Galileo and the solar system relevant!?
  8. But, he's been tech. savvy since 6 months.
  9. But, he can count to 100 and is learning Spanish and Japanese!
  10. Wait a minute...What?!?!?
Next time, we share our we grew from crying to advocating.

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