Saturday, January 28, 2012

NH school principal dives in river to rescue boy

What a  princiPAL

NH school principal dives in river to rescue boy

Learn more about Safety for your loved ones, Students and neighbors who are experiencing Safety and Wandering and Elopement problems due to being on the Autism Spectrum.

We pray and hope that all families and individuals who experience Wandering, Elopement and other Autism Related Safety Issues have communities that understand and help them.   

Wendy Fournier, National Autism Association

Tennis Courts to prevent 'bolting'(during exercise) - a critical pro-active behavioral intervention

Autism Awareness - Firefighters, EMTs, EMSs and emergency workers 

A wander awareness video

Tracking a child with Smart Pup

SafetyNet by LoJack

Project Lifesaver

Autistic or Person with Autism

*The term 'autistic' is the descriptive referenced by the video title.  It is understood that 'Autistic' is not a preferred 'People First Language' designation as advocated by Kathie Snow - 'Disability Is Natural' and many other individuals and organizations who support the Independence, Inclusion and Integration of persons with Developmental Disabilities

We are sharing a few methods we use as Parents, our son's Teachers/Therapists incorporate and community support organizations and safety experts espouse to help communicate, teach and mainstream Students on the Autism Spectrum.
As Parents, we continue to work with our son on expectations, Transitioning, Peer Engagement, Obedience, as well as, Wandering, Elopement and Safety issues.

Parents of Students on the Autism Spectrum desire the same goals as Parents of Students who do not have Developmental Disabilities:  TO LEARN AND ENJOY ALL ASPECTS OF SCHOOL.  

Autism animation - creator Thomas Coltran was 16 years old in 2010 (YouTube)

Peer Mentoring Networks for Students with Autism

Teaching Students with Autism (2009) 

iPads for Autistic Students(Oakwood and Veterans Elementary School,2012)

Using Visuals to Teach Autistic Students

Serving Autistic Students - Firestone Charter school's different approach

'Cue' - raises awareness about Autism: Philadelphia Design Project

Incight - College Advice for Students with Learning Disabilities

A new program helps Students with Autism - UATV: Paige Brown

Better Ways to Teach Autistic Students - Sara Bolt MSU Reaserch - WILX

Life Skills, Appropriate Behavior  for Teaching Autistic Students - Silver Lining Multimedia Software

Autism Students - Music Therapist John Foley 

Antecedent  Interventions for Students with Autism

'Canine Companions for Independence' - Service Dog helps Autism Student find his voice -

References and Resources

'Enjoyable School Year :-)'

AWAARE - Big Red Safety Box

Dennis Debbaudt - Autism Risk Management

Autism Safety Project

Autism Related Wandering Safety and Prevention 

Project Lifesaver - International Headquarters


Safety Toolkit - National Autism Association

NICHCY - National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Autism Speaks Family Services & Safety Planning

PACER Center - Assistance for Children with Disabilitiles


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