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not maybe so

Pocket Frogs
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'not maybe so'
Our favorite apps before, during and after Joshua recuperates from his tonsillectomy:
These are our family choices.  PREFERENCES ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER- only listed by Categories and types.


1) Emmy Chen - Phonics Vowels (Abatalk)
2) Angry Birds - Seasons-HD, Rio-HD, and Rovio-HD versions
3) Multiplication
4) handPaint 
5) ANSWERS:YesNo HD by SimplifiedTouch
6) DropZap
7)Tantrum Apps - Letter Quiz - Learn ABCs, write alphabet tracing, teach letters flashcards with learnng games for kids (Lawrence Ingraham) [game]


1) YES/NO app

2) Choiceworks (refer to post on 20th January, 2012)

3) Model Me Kids -
'Going Places' app is good for Doctor visits.

4) - Word Abacus FREE (Johannes Fieres) [game]

5) Oriol Ferrer Mesia - Anemona [game]

6) Bedazzled - game

7) Facetime - show relatives how well you are doing

8) Emma Chen - Math Bug Free (Abitalk)

9) Coin Drop!

10) Kevin Caldrone - Gomi HD (games - environment/ecosystem)

11) Kid Blocks

12) iWriteWords

13) Kids's Puzzles

14) iBooks

15) DUPLO Jams

16) Hungry Fish

17) Flick Soccer HD

18) Dinosaurs

19) Pocket Frogs

20) Squishy Fruits

Honorable Mentions
1) Netflix
2) YouTube

Best Sites to Learn about apps:
1) Facebook., families and friends
2) Apple iTunes
3) Android market
4) Technology in (SPL) Education
5) Technology for Autism Now, Inc.
6) Twitter
7) Apps for Kids
8) Apps for Autism
9) Special Apps, Special Kids
10) Apps for Homeschooling
11) @AppModo
12) @pocketlint
13) Apps for Children with Special Needs (A4CWSN)
14) @The_iPaddict
15) @iOSnoops

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