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What do you think of the Teaching Profession?

Teaching has been held in the highest regard -- one of the most sought after, most admired, most respected and most important profession that anyone could aspire to. 
We wanted to homeschool.  Once we noticed our son was regressing at the age of 2 years, we knew we needed help in educating our son.  The onset of Autism was clouding many aspects of our son's ability to learn and share what he understood.  Prior to this discovery, our son had shown signs of Sensory Processing Disorder.  We knew enough to manage his Sensory Processing Integration requirements, but, we did understood his sudden inability to recall concepts, words, and his growing deisre for self-isolation, to name a few autism-related signs.
Our birth Pediatrician recommended  2 things:  ear tubes of the year-long bout with ear infections; and a Child Development Specialist.  Waiting 6 months for an appointment, we had already contacted our local school system for their opinions:  Early Intervention IMMEDIATELY -- (we met on a Friday, after his eval, and was aggressively, yet, compassionately, urged to enroll our now 3 year old in school). 
Our son had been in school from February to May, was experiencing his first summer post- pre-interventions, and was now preparing for his first session with a Child Development Specialist who was a Psychiatrict, too. This Doctor referenced Autism and Sensory issues with language and speech complications.  Our son would need a battery of tests, assessments, evaluations for years to come, along with occupational, adaptive physical education, sensory integration and speech/language therapies.  We were advised to seek help immediately for home, school, private and community activities.
We  will never forget the similar thoughts the Student Assessment Team and the
Review this Teacher survey and decide how you can become a better Teacher, a more involved Parent and a more studious Student.

The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Teachers, Parents and the Economy examines the views of teachers, parents and students about the teaching profession, parent and community engagement, and effects of the economy on teaching and learning in schools (2011).

The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, conducted annually since 1984 by Harris Interactive, shares the voices of teachers and others close to the classroom with educators, policy makers and the public. The Survey findings also inform MetLife Foundation’s support for education.

Previous Surveys

The entire MetLife Survey of the American Teacher series is now available online at the ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) website: http://www.eric.ed.gov/ ERIC document (ED)

Teacher Survey | MetLife Foundation

2011 MetLife Survey of the American Teacher

Teacher Thumb
Teachers, Parents and the Economy
Executive Summary
Press Release
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