Sunday, September 5, 2010

'Happy VALUE Day!' - Labor Day


'Happy VALUE Day!' on this  Labor Day!  

Will you enjoy the 128th Labor Day Parade?

How are you celebrating this Labor Day?

Do you know the history behind the Labor Day Holiday?  Learn about Labor Day at this link from the U.S. Department of Labor .

What month is the National Disability Employment Awareness Month?
How are you acknowledging  the services, work, expertise and dedication of our labor force who are also a part of the disabilities community?

Do you know of a company or organization that primarily hire individuals with disabilities?

Do you know of a company or organization that targets people with developmental disabilities as employees because of their expert skill-level?

What accommodations and/or modifications does your company or organization provide in their efforts to serve staff, faculty, and clients/customers with disabilities?

Do you know that there are federal, state and local government agencies that assist with ensuring, enforcing and helping individuals with disabilities to become gainfully employed?

How are you showing your appreciation for companies and organizations that employ individuals with disabilities?

For more information on the connection between the labor force and people with disabilities, view the following links:

'Happy VALUE Day!' on this 128th Labor Day!


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