Friday, September 10, 2010

Enjoying Who Dat! Family time!

We are still excited about the NFL Season KickOff Game that was celebrated in New Orleans!  

Enjoying a football is a fun!

Our son has enjoyed sports as a baby, toddler and now as a 5 year old.  

We have enjoyed a winning '09 season and the continuous celebration as the NFL Superbowl 44 Champions.

Likewise, we enjoyed the 2010 Pre-Season games, our First Lady Michelle Obama coming to New Orleans to support the NFL Play 60 program to keep our youth healthy and all of the Saints Pep Rallies.

Our son's elementary school - where he enjoys his FAPE in an inclusive and LRE - got in on the excitement and let the students wear their favorite Saints shirts with their uniform attire.

After an exciting day at the office, volunteering with a disability nonprofit and school, we set up our cajun, southern, creole delectables and turned on all the tvs, computers and a radio to enjoy the gameday festivities.

Beginning with a 'Back to Games' Parade rolling throughout the Central Buisness District, we enjoyed watching the numerous concerts from the French Quarters Jacskon Square to owner Tom Bensons 60,000 sq.ft. Champions Square tailgaters to the unveiling of the NFL  Superbowl 44 Champions banner and the well-deserved NFL Hall of Fame halftime honors for Reggie Jackson, a Saints icon!

Our son enjoys watching the games because he likes to read the stat profiles and call out the numbers he sees for each team!

Our son also enjoys watching the constant altering of the active graphics!

Our son enjoys just watching all of the people and the football being thrown, punted and ran down the numbered field.

Well, because of his sensory issues, our son usually enjoys watching his hometeam Saints playing with the volume turned to down to 5,4,3,2,1,0 level.  This is when 'closed caption' comes in handy.

How do you find ways to overcome being on the autism spectrum?
How do you adapt, modify and and inclusive lifestyle?

Although we could not enjoy shouting the Who Dat Chant! from the Superdome, Quarterback Drew Brees, we chanted loudly from home!

Who Dat!
Deux Dat!
Repeat Dat!
Dos Dat!
Geaux Saints Geaux!

Our New Orleans Saints - 2010 SUPERBOWL 44 CHAMPIONS - defeated the NFC  Minnnesota Vikings AGAIN  14-9 at the New Orleans Louisiana Superdome on September 9, 2010!

1-0 who's next to face the Who Dat Nation
San Francisco away problem!

Bless You Boys!  Keep holding the Vince Lombardi trophy high!

We are want to help our son stay healthy and happy.

Enjoying football is  great family fun and a good way to highlight our son's strengths and enthusiasm for life! 

Well, we did not win the Drew Brees Sports Illustrated package.  But, everybody still has time to buy a bunch of $2.oo tickets to win an authentic NFL Saints Superbowl 44 Champions Ring - to help the Gulf Coast victims of the BP oil disaster.


Louisiana Superdome by nightImage via Wikipedia

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