Wednesday, June 1, 2011

James Durbin- Still Rockin' Out!

James Durbin auditioning
or American Idol Season 10.
James Durbin-Still Rockin Out!


James Durbin reached 3rd place as a music Contestant on American Idol Season 10.

Many of you have followed James singing career for years.  Many of us just met J.D. through AI10.  Whenever you have encountered Mr. Durbin, he immediately commanded your attention. 
How?  with his awesome, trained, sincere voice and guitar-playing.

James Durbin rocked out American Idol for weeks! 

'Give Metal A Chance' is James' montre.
Because of James, many have decided to 'give Metal a chance'.

Here are some updates on James Durbin's music career:

  • Still maintaining a Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and American Idol MyIdol Community pages.
  • Rocked Out! AI10 Finale with Judas Priest!
  • Performed with fellow AI10 Contestants in AI Finale!
  • Participate in American Idol publicity events
  • Rehearsing for American Idol Season 10 Tour
  • Appeared on numerous talk shows for national, cable and satellite networks

Of course, James Durbin is enjoying time with his lovely wife and child.

Check our previous posts on James Durbin from March to May, 2011 on all of our 'EnjoyHi5Autism' micro-blogs and 'Enjoying The Hi-5s ofAutism -  A Family Experience' social networking sites.

Let's celebrate the accomplishments of James Durbin.  Let's keep supporting him. Mr. Durbin is a role-model for peoplw eith disabilities, as an individual on the Autism Spectrum.  Likewise, James has not allowed Tourettes Syndrome or Asperger's Syndrome stop him from setting, reaching and sustaining his dreams.

Keep Rockin' Out!  James Durbin!


James Durbin on American IdolImage by stevegarfield via Flickr

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