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'Summer Reading!: 
Home - SpecialNeedsParentCoach.com'

Are you concerned about your child loosing interest in reading during the summer break?

I grew up about 3 blocks from a library that is housed in a mansion on St. Charles Ave.  Milton H. Latter Memorial Library was a weekly activity for us.  The grounds take up an entire city block! When we moved, taking the Streetcar to this life-changing house was a treat!
Whenever we’re in New Orleans, I just want to pass by it to relive the wonder-of-reading memories!

I wanted to instill this same love of reading in my son that my Parents had bestowed upon me. 

We bring our soon-to-be six year old to the library during the school year. His elementary school encourages reading, independently and with Parents. His Teachers send home a monthly reading list, a reading log and gives treats for returning the list.  His Principals rewards the Students with a 'Reading Water Fun Day' every Spring for collectively reading a certain number of books. He enjoys the Summer Reading Program that is available at 5 local libraries.

Yes, our kids with special needs can read..., can enjoy reading..., and can become lifetime readers!

Our son really enjoys reading with his Dad.  I think it is because he gets him to be more animated with all of the faces and voice changes.  Each book read is like putting on a mini-play with just 2 cast members! 

We recommend that Parents use a variety of reading tools or choose the one that best suits your child. You may find that depending on what your child is reading will determine the preferred reading modem.  Our son likes cd/books, dvd/books, online reading (Tar Heel Reader)and books from his school and community libraries.  This summer, we want to introduce him to reading with an Amazon Kindle or Nook.  I hope they have our family favorite---Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Additionally, we have learned about an online Reading resource with blogs, tips and much more!

Prevent summer reading loss!

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Home - SpecialNeedsParentCoach.com

at SpecialNeedsParentCoach.com, you'll find resources for:

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Thanks Joan!
To contact Founder Joan Celebi,Ed.M.,CLC call 978-263-7567.

So let's read with our kids this summer.  Reading opens up the world to your child.

EnjoyHi!Autism believes 'Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable.'
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