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Yes, We are coming to the close of another school year! But, for Parents of a Student with Special Needs, we must stay active, alert and advocate for our son, even throughout the summer break.
Likewise, although our son is only 5 years old, we are laying a foundation for his future. Now, is the time for us to steer him on a graduation track that will hopefully lead him to a high school diploma, higher education(college/vo-tech), an internship and a career of his choice.

This is why we subscribe to Wrightslaw. They inform us about diploma options and requirements. Yes, we know that the school system does this too. But, Wrightslaw shares on a professional Parent level that we can understand and relate to as Parents of a child receiving a Free and Appropriate Public Education(FAPE)via a Special Education Services with a Local Education Authority (LEA) in a Least Restrictive Environment(LRE) that incorporates Inclusion methods with 'typical peers' in General Education classes that considers his Autism and Sensory Processing Integration(SPI) needs.

Throughout the year, Wrightslaw emails us their newsletter 'Special Ed Advocate'. 'SpED Ad', as we refer to it, keeps us abreast about issues that impact our son's life. Today, we received an email entitled, 'Certificate Program v. Regular Diploma? No Way!'. You must read about this issue and form your opinion. Go to

To subscribe to the Wrightslaw  'Special Ed Advocate', go to  'Special Ed Advocate'. This Wrightslaw newsletter is listed as ISSN: 1538-3202 with 85,030 Subscribers as of May 17, 2011!

Wrightslaw has a publication for kids that you can list your business, organization and special needs services in for others to learn and request your help. We are listed under NEW LEVEL Consultants & Affiliates,LLC as 'Planning Successful Events!", an Events Planning & Strategic Training company that focuses on 'People with Disabilities are ValueABLE!'


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