Sunday, May 15, 2011

f2fhic - LA Family to Family Health Information Center

'Autism in My State'  is a new series that will highlight Autism advocacy, info., legislation, viewpoints, services, events and stories from each state.  In May, we are focusing on the state of Louisiana.  
Next month, we will select another state.  If you have interesting info. you want to share, send us a link or email.

SOCIAL SECURITY & Disabilities
[LaDisabilityTalk] How Social Security Decides if you are disabled! (FOA MEDICAID and others too!)


Social Security is not the only program that uses Social Security criteria to
determine disability for qualifying.

The Family Opportunity Act Medicaid Buy-in program and others also use the
Social Security criteria. 

Therefore, it's important for us to know how that works...

THIS IS FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS alike so families need to be informed.
 Karen Scallan
Program Director
Louisiana Family to Family Health Information Center
A Statewide Program of Bayou Land Families Helping Families
204 East Bayou Road
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301

Phone: 1-800-331-5570
Fax: 1-985-447-7988

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Explains how the Social Security Administration decides if you are disabled and
the five-step process to determine if you are eligible to receive disability
. Decisions about whether or not a person is considered disabled for
Social Security purposes are made by state Disability Determination Services.
For more information visit

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