Friday, May 20, 2011

Enjoying Summer!


'Enjoying Summer!'
Today is the last day of school!
Yes, we enjoyed a productive, fun and informative school year.
Now, is the time of the year when we let our son TAKE CHARGE!
  • sleep late!
  • stay up late!
  • eat candy!
  • go to the movie-theater during the week!
  • sleep-over on a weekday!
Yes, we know, ... still focus on:
  1. Speech/Language
  2. Penmanship
  3. Occupational Therapy techniques
  4. Adaptive Physical Education skills
  5. Sensory Diet
  6. Socialization & Peer Engagement development enhancements
  7. Numbers: Addition & Subtraction
  8. Counting: - Money, coin recognition, amount and spell
Will pick 2 days a week for this, especially since our son is entering the Extended School Year Program in preparation for Kindergarten.

But, on the other 5 days of his Summer weeks,

Here's some of our 'Enjoying Summer!' list of activities:

'Have AUTISM...Still Travel!' 

  1.  Project Independence at Gulf Island WaterPark in Mississippi 
  2. Lynn Meadows Discovery Center Museum(camps, in/outdoors) 
  3. Audubon Zoo animals here we come!
  4.  Audubon Nature Institute: Zoo, Aquarium & Insectarium and other adventure centers
  5. Proud to have served as a Adviser for this community Board: Kids Konnection Playground at Tammany Trace
  6. Explore! Experience! Learn! at The Louisiana Children's Museum in New Orleans
  7. Local libraries for Summer Reading Programs! Also, you can go online for many libraries to learn about kids, teens, family and adult patrons summer fun activities,..., or just to read:  Digital Library-The Online Books Page ; Internet Public Library 
  8.  Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus 
  9. connecting to love, character and the inner spirit in your heart:  VBS-Vacation Bible School Group; Vacation Bible School - Inside Out & Upside Down on Main Street
  10. Sensory Star Resort  6th Birthday Party during 4th of July holiday!
  11. enjoying summer movies at a Sensory-Friendly Films theater  AMC Theatre

 Let's keep sharing fun activities for our kids to enjoy while they are on Summer break!


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