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Legislation & Parents Resource on Restraints and Seclusion

'Legislation & Parents Resource on Restraints and Seclusion'


May 18, 2011
RE:  [Update:  LA State Senate Passed SB59!]

Thank you to all of our Louisiana State Senators! SB59: 35 Yeas 0 Nays 
Thank you Senator Jack Donahue for authoring SB59 and gaining all of the support of your State Senate Legislators!
 La Teach SB 59 Passes the Senate!!!!!!!!!
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 Brenda Lee Cosse’, Parent Advocate

Today, we are sharing excerpts of a letter we emailed to some of state Legislators. We hope that you will be inspired to communicate your views with your leaders,too.  You may choose to call, write a letter, email, text, Twitter, Facebook or use other social media that your Legislator shares on their website. Legislators are elected by the people and they want to know what their constituents think. 

May 17, 2011

To:  Louisiana State Legislators

RE: FYI: TASH: Restraints and Seclusion Parent Guide

Greetings LA State Legislators,

This month, our Senate Education Committee supported LA Senate Bill SB 59 authored by Senator Jack Donahue(R-11) . SB59 which focuses on guidelines for the appropriate use of Restraints and Seclusion in our Louisiana Schools.  Soon, this bill will be voted on by more legislators.  I am hoping to be able to inform the Self-Advocates and Families with Special Needs whom I represent that SB59 - primarily authored by Senator Jack Donahue - has been supported by our Louisiana Legislator.

In light of this hope, I am sharing an online tool that is free and can be downloaded for Parents to understand about the use of Restraints and Seclusion in schools. TASH explains, " Shouldn’t School Be Safe?’ is a free resource developed for parents and written by parents that offers insight and advice to respond to and prevent restraint and seclusion."  TASH -"Offers Free Parent Guide on Restraint and Seclusion . For more info.  about TASH, refer to  TASH- Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion for People with Disabilities .

'Shouldn't School Be Safe?'  is a general publication and not targeted to any particular state, disability, special need, age group, etc...  As a Parent of a 5 year old who has attended school since the age of 3, I am mindful of what, how, when , where, why and who provides services for my son.  I am responsible for ensuring that my son develops, learns, grows, contributes to and enjoys life – even on the Autism Spectrum.  My son enjoys bowling, computers, festivals, nature walks, gymnastics, 2k races, beignets and school.  Yes, he faces challenges:
  •  as a Student with Sensory Processing Integration needs who utilizes his schools Sensory Room as part of his Sensory Diet; 
  • as a Student who desires peer engagement and therefore participates in socialization strategies via after-school school-based P.A.L.S. (Play And Learn Social Skills); and
  • as a Student who learns in a 'uniquely different' way by increasing his communication with P.E.C.S. (Picture Exchange Communication System).
What many Parents like myself are concerned about for our children with special needs is the use of Restraints and Seclusion to address undesirable, inappropriate and dangerous behaviors, for every Student needing this help.  We understand that some measures must be taken to maintain order and safety.  We hope that research-based, proven techniques will appropriately be applied.  Additionally, we ask that you support SB59 to provided guidelines and training for the appropriate use of Restraints and Seclusion in our Louisiana schools.

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Legislators have many means of communicating with constituents, stakeholders, organizations and agencies.  As you are aware, many of your Constituents ‘like’ that our Legislators inform us via email blasts, social networking sites and micro-blog affiliates. Many of your Voting Supporters rely on social media as their preferred conduit of 24/7 news and networking.  These collaborative platforms provide instantaneous connections with hundreds of people –who then share with their networks–and before you know it your bill, proposal, event, fundraiser is supported by people whom you may have never reached through traditional means.
This is exactly how I learned about SB59 – from  LaTEACH Action Alert-'It's Time to Contact Senate Education Committee Members'and LaTEACH 'Action Alert-Next Critical Step for Advocacy. For those who were unable to meet at the LA State Capitol, LaTEACH provided a link to the Senate Education Committee Meeting LIVE via the LaTEACH Facebook page.

I am proud to share SB59 and TASH’s  'Shouldn't School Be Safe?' on my 'EnjoyHi5Autism' global sites. Also, I have shared a poll on Facebook  'Have you reviewed the TASH Parent Guide 'Shouldn't Schools Be Safe?' on Restraints and Seclusion? ' in hopes of sharing this free resource with Louisianans and other interested Parents, agencies and advocacy organizations.  
Here is a link to our original post about TASH's Restraint and Seclusion Parent Guide: 'EnjoyHi5!Autism' shares'Tash-group-offers-advice-to-parents' .

LaTEACH –Louisiana Together Educating All Children
Want some tips on how to be a more effective member of this grassroots movement?  Check out our 10 Tips to get your voice heard this legislative session by clicking HERE

Event Planning & Strategic Training & FUNdraising

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  3. EnjoyHi5!Autism: Legislation & Parents Resource on Restraints and S...
    EnjoyHi5!Autism: Legislation & Parents Resource on Restraints and S...: "Update: SB 59 Passes in Louisiana! Hi5! Restraints and Seclusion in LA schools will be governed by appropriate guidelines. The House passe..."

    UPDATE: June 30, 2011 -- Governor Bobby Jindal signed bill SB59 Legislation! Act 328 of the 2011 Legislative Session provides for regulations on the use of Restraints and Seclusions in schools. [Once a bill is signed by the Governor, it becomes an Act.]
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