Thursday, September 1, 2011

Affording a Public Education

'Affording a Public Education'
We shared on Welcome Back to School social networking event :  'PRAYING & Hoping for a Good, Productive and Enjoyable School Year :-)

We are sharing our academic life while learning as a family on the Autism Spectrum. 

We want all Students to be properly educated.
What is the going rate for a world-class public education (developed vs. developing or underdeveloped countries)?  

Beyond assisting financially with our son's public education via taxes, school fundraisers, and donations, can't imagine how much income we would need to afford his academic needs and extracurricular pursuits.  How much $ is allocated per Student is not necessariily reflective of what is actually needed:  it's an 'average' based on $ federal/state/district and academic requirement.  Private services fees are different from community-based and school-based services. 

Anyway, since Feb. 2009, our son has attended a public school where he participates in a General Education and receives Special Education Services according to his Individualized Education Plan secured by the IDEA 2004 reauthorized federal law. 
His school system promulgates the Rehabilititation Act1973/Section504 mandate of a Free, Appropriate and Public Education .
He learns in an Inclusive and Least Restrictive Environment with Accommodations and Modifications, as needed. Our son's 'regular' education is reinforced/supplemented by therapies/programs: O.T., A.P.E., A.T., Speech/Language, Sensory Integration, Play And Learning Social Skills(P.A.L.S. - based on Model Me Kids and the Second Step Committee for Children Curriculum). 
Our son enjoys 2 enrichment classes, library, enrichment activities. Lastly, his school is multicultural, incorporates RtI, People First Language, and Universal Design for Learning concepts; is trained in PBIS/SWPBIS/PBS; and educates Staff/Faculty/Students/Teachers/Parents about BP-BULLYING PREVENTION. 

In closing, we know how much his medical and clinical needs cost.  As it relates to the Plan International USA, don't think we could afford to educate our son if we lived in a 'developing country'.  Our son might be included in the 11 million primary school age children who ae not enrolled in school because public school is NOT free. We aren't billionaires,..., AND WE DON'T LIVE IN POVERTY! 

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Welcome Back to School social networking event : 'PRAYING & Hoping for a Good, Productive and Enjoyable School Year :-)

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