Thursday, September 29, 2011

tweet with Twellow for Special Needs

'tweet with Twellow for Specials Need'

Twellow Is Now Accepting Category Suggestions Again!
Hi5!  We are the family that successfully advocated for Twellow (Twitter online yellowpages) to establish 5 new Raising Awareness Categories(10.11.10): Developmental Disabilities, Developmental Delays, Learning Disabilities, Neurological Disorders, Sensory Integration Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder.
Thanks Twellow!  Our Twellowers subcategories are still growing.
Join us in celebrating a 1 year anniversary!  In October, we will highlight these Special Needs businesses, organizations and groups that have joined these 5 Twellow social networks.

Our 2 Twitter accounts (!/babymiracle2005 and!/enjoyhi5autism) are Registered with Twellow. 
Look for our icons as:

KBJ Cosse' (@babymiracle2005)

KBJCosse' @enjoyhi5autism

Join these 5 'Raising Awareness' social networks.
Let us know if your category suggestion is approved.
You can sign in with your Facebook account.

Each Twellow Category posts number of listings and each Subcategory posts number of Users; and each Users listing posts how many Followers.

That's hundreds--thousands-- (millions, if you are a linked with a Kardashian or Lady Gaga) of people viewing your business, mission, events, fundraiser! 
Follow our 5 Special Needs categories and Support our  followers, too.

KBJ Cosse' (@babymiracle2005 )has 71 Followers in:
Developmental Disabilities (209 primary listings)

KBJCosse' (@EnjoyHi5Autism) has 268 Followers in:
Learning Disabilities (208 primary listings)

KBJ Cosse' (@babymiracle2005) has 71 Followers in:
Developmental Delays (28 primary listings)

KBJCosse' (@EnjoyHi5Autism) has 208 Followers in:
Sensory Processing Disorder(10 main listings)

Sensory Integration Disorder


References & Resources

Twellow  has numerous Twellowers who are millions of Users of thousands of SubCatergories in the main Categories of their Index!
Entertainment, Government, Society & Culture, News & Media, Recreation & Sports, Education, Health, Computers, Technology, Family, Marketing, Food

- If you cannot find your business' category on Twellow's Category Page, there are three ways that you can suggest it to us:
• Post your category suggestion on our Twellow Facebook Page.
• Tweet your category suggestion to @TwellowSupport.
• Send your category suggestion via e-mail to

Twellow: The People Search That Twitter Should’ve Built

Twellow is a great new search tool and directory for discovering Twitter users that could fundamentally change the way people use the microblogging service.

Connect with your TwellowHood!
Use the map above to locate Twitter people in your neighborhood who you can connect with.

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