Friday, December 2, 2011

winter break fun!

'winter break fun!'

If school is out, Camp Futures is in!

Autism Spectrum Therapies offers Winter Break camps in our Santa Ana, San Diego, and Culver City clinics.  Children ages 3 to 18 will participate in a variety of exciting and fun activities each day while meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones.

Weekly themes are:
·         Week 1: Music and Arts Festival - Children explore the arts by being creative with music and varied art activities.
·         Week 2: Science-tastic - Children learn about the science that surrounds their everyday life through experiments and games.

In addition to each week’s thematic activities, children will be provided free choice time and given the opportunity to choose from a variety of options so they can interact with other children with similar interests.  Some of these choices include video games, board games, computers, painting and basic building.

Camp Dates: Dec. 19 - Dec. 23, 2011 and Dec. 27 – Dec. 30, 2011

Camp Hours: Half day (9am to 12pm or 12pm to 3pm) or a full day (9am to 3pm)

Childcare offered for campers from 8am to 9am and 3pm to 5pm when Winter Camp is in session.

         10% discount for each additional sibling

          Refer a friend and receive 10% off*

Space is limited! Reserve your spot now. Call Shawna Delaney at (866) 278-6264

*Discount applies only to one week of camp and will be refunded upon completion of one week of camp by both parties

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Find out more about camp and other services on Our Programs page.


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Enjoying The Hi5s of Autism
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