Tuesday, December 20, 2011

EH5A Family holiday stats!

'EH5A Family holiday stats'

We are excited about enjoying a 2nd holiday season with our blog family!
We appreciate everyone who Follows our developmental disabilities blog.
We appreciate all of our Supporters 'visible' and 'invisible'. We like supporting your endeavors, too.

Here are some of our holiday stats!

2011 Dec 12 16:00 – 2011 Dec 19 15:00
(stats are reflected of the timeframe listed above)

Pageviews Today - 116
Pageviews last month - 1,389

Pageviews by Countries

United States 141

Germany 54

Ukraine 49

Russia 22

United Kingdom 12

Canada 9

France 8

Australia 7

Cambodia 6

Belgium 3

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Hope your holiday season is enjoyable.
Peruse our EnjoyHi5Autism sites for posts about holiday specials, social groups, community pages, special needs apps, disability legislation, ebooks, egadgets/technology, educational resources and much more!

Happy holidays!


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