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Choosing 'The Right' School

"Choosing 'The Right' School"


Our son likes buildings with large windows, low light, large yards and no stairs.

Our son likes classrooms with various centers, not too many students and a teacher that talks calmly, low-tone and directly to him(mostly without looking him directly in the face).

Our son enjoys a quiet lunch by himself.

Our son prefers restrooms that do not use 'industrial' size toilets. Also, he likes everything to be 'automated': flush, soap dispenser, hand-washing water activation and Dyson hand dryers (soft air, low sound, minimal vibrations).

Our son enjoys a school with an accessible library with a variety of books, audio/cd/dvd, computers.  
Our son really likes well-stocked libraries with rows and rows and rows of BOOKS!

Our son enjoys a school that offers The Arts as enrichments:  music, art class, languages.

Our son enjoys a school environment that embraces the  multi-cultural backgrounds of the Students.

Our son enjoys a school with a Sensory Room and offers after-school Socialization opportunities.

Our son enjoys a school that is involved in community collaborations(on-site fundraisers) and fields trips.

Do you know your child's preferences in the type, curriculum, activities, location and amenities in a school choice?

Does your child prefer one type of classroom setting over another?

Does your child enjoy being inside for recess?

Does your child prefer to eat lunch alone?

Does your child participate and achieves in a low or moderate Teacher to Students ratio?

Does developmental, learning or intellectual factors determine your child's school preferences?

Does developmental, learning and intellectual disabilities impact your child's ability to achieve academically?

The National Center For  Learning Disabilities has resources to help Parents with choosing the right school.   Here are excerpts of  "Choosing A School: An Overview of What Parents Need to Consider":

The right school is a place where your child feels accepted and supported, a school that provides your child the special services he or she requires to succeed. No school is perfect, but maybe you’ve grown concerned about your child’s current school. Ask yourself:

Is my child

  • reluctant to go to school?
  • weary and unhappy at the end of most school days?
  • stuck in a cycle of underachievement or failure?
  • complaining that school is boring and that teachers don’t care about him or her?
  • lacking close friends at school?
  • stressed out during the school year?

If  your answer is yes to one or more of these questions, the school may be a poor fit for your child. What can you do?

For information on your options, see “Choosing a School: Understanding Your Range of Options.” For a worksheet of questions to ask and things to look for when you visit a prospective school, download “Visiting a School Worksheet: What to Ask, What to Look For.”

Bonnie Z. Goldsmith has worked in the field of education throughout her professional life. She has wide experience as a writer, editor, and teacher.

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