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'Tis the season to be APPy!

'Tis the season to be APPY!'

We are highlighting more apps to make your season bright!
Our 6 year old son has enjoyed tech stuff since he as a baby.  Still remember the time Josh crawled to his portable dvd player. We brought it in to charge and he wanted to watch one of his favorite dvds. Well, at 6 months old, he opened it, turned it on, put in a dvd; and without using the remote, he set 2 modes: the language to Spanish with Closed-Captioning! Understand, at that time, we only permitted him to use it while in the car; and he had never handled the dvd player or periferals. Ok, 'Edison light-bulb moment'!  News Flash Alert to my Parents! Now we understood why he was not playing with the 'traditional' toys in his room. Again, that was 6 years ago. In 2011, our 'New Millennium'  kids are so tech-savvy, they teach their Parents and Teachers how to use everything from a universal digital remote to a Wii system; from laser to 3D; from a Mac to any Android device; from Windows to iOS; from Adobe Flash Player to Adobe AIR, from iCloud to live tiles, from G Circle to FbFriends; from bluetooth to Blue-ray; and from Honeycomb to Ice Cream  Sandwich to XBox K to PS3, from iTunes to Google Music, and on and on... to hi-tech INFINITY!
Glad Joshie still enjoys checking out books at the LIBRARY, reading hardcover BOOKS, coloring with CRAYONS in a paper COLORING BOOK, playing outdoors SPORTS; as well as, discovering real-life NATURE; and perusing the telephone book!  Just yesterday, we heard him digging in his toddler crate of  memories. Here he comes running to show us what he 'discovered' or should we
Sesame Street: Hanukkah With Veronica Monica
say 'rediscovered'!  No way, a VIDEOTAPE!  It was his 6 years old "Sesame Street 'Happy Holidays' Chanukah-Christmas-Kwanza" VIDEO hosted by Elmo and Santa Claus 'Happy Holidays' Chanukah-Christmas-Kwanza" VIDEO hosted by Elmo and Santa Claus! With a Hi5! and thumbs up, off  he rushed with a big smile on his face!  We just sat in 'antiqueted tech' amazement.  Holding our breath... What! No Way!  The dinosaur device still works!  Yep, in this time of sync, upload, download, flashplayer, flash drive, digital, laser, Touch-RAZR-Zoom, text, SMS, post, Like, and tweets-- an operable VCR PLAYER!  he had not played it since last year this time! [For the record, we forgot we still had a vcr and tapes; AND, we Parents don't recall what 'vcr' stands for!  Wikipedia to the nomenclature rescue! ]
...digression finished.
Motorola Atrix
back to APPyville! {our APPs series full launch in 2012!}
Is there a universal symbol for APPs?
Remember to include the compatible e-gadgets. tools, periferals and accessories for best  functionality, enhancements, creativity and fun!
We've included interesting gift ideas for holiday enjoyment.
Also, we put dashes of  Q & A!

APPs developers/distributors/tech supporters, do you know when APP Users download, sample, share and use apps the most?
 Dr Dre 'Beats' Executive headphones

Sunday is the Most Successful Day to Release Apps  20 Dec
GiftShopper 1.0 for iOS – Great Aid for Christmas Present Shopping
MyGifts List 1.1 for iOS – Create and Manage Holiday Gift Lists
daCapo Software Brings a White Christmas to iOS with Snowy Christmas App
Mindshapes Releases Tap-A-Tune App For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Stamp Art Fever Updated With Holiday Themed Collections

'When Santa got Sick'
Tweet Safely: Twitter Scams to Dodge App Place for PCs

Randazzo's Camellia City Bakery proudly announces the launch of their interactive King cake app
Try Our New Interactive King CakeApp Introducing Randazzo's interactive KingCake app, King Me. Go on Facebook, or use your smart phone or tablet,...also create a fully ...allows customers to engage and shop with the bakery . The new Randazzo’s app allows users to shop for special order king cakes as well as design custom king cakes by selecting from a variety of fillings, icing and sprinkles to create a truly unique and delicious treat. Another fun feature of the app is the option to create a ‘virtual king cake’ complete with wacky colors, toppings and trinkets.Users may add to their virtual cake and then share their crazy creations through email and social media. The Randazzo's King Me! app is available for the iPhone, Android, and Facebook Ordering a kingcake has never been so much fun! A true New Orleans Mardi Gras Tradition. Randazzo's Camellia City Bakery was voted the "Best place to get a kingcake" in Gambit's Best of New Orleans Awards 2.
LG Prada

Shabbat Shalom - שבת שלום - Candle Lighting Times - זמני הדלקת נרות

RustyBrick, Inc.The Shabbat application will allow you to quickly check the candle lighting times, havdalah times and parsha for the week in any location in the world.

The 'Intelligient Card' makes holiday photo taking, sharing and displaying simplistic! Eye-Fi Wi-fi Memory Card -  How does the Eye-Fi card work? | Eye-Fi Eye-Fi cards are a simple SD memory card with a Wi-Fi antenna loaded with wireless superpowers. Experience automatic photo & video uploads.

SuperAlbum 1.03 released for iOS – Meta Cloud photo album

 If you're on the highways, skyways or waterways this holiday season, consider these:
Tap That App now playing: Avoid travel agony with Hipmunk
SD | HDPodcast This week's app puts a new spin on travel search.

'Find My Car' courtesy of engadget
  Motorcycle Apps - Android Motorcycle Apps for Android. Reviews, screenshots and comments from the Android Market about Motorcycle like Motorcycle Rides: The Definitive Australian ...
Motorcycle Minder « JGM Apps

Etymotic MC2
Car Apps - Applications for Cars
Find My Car Smart app uses Bluetooth 4.0 to help iPhone 4S ...
The Best Android Apps for Your Car - Lifehacker, tips and ...

Anyone know where to get a Gluten-Free App?
Fooducate may be the app
Will look for some of these gluten-free ingredients:Christmas dinner recipes to supplement your traditional menu

Teach your kids to be kind this holiday season. Reinforce positive behaviors.
Tacky’s Christmas app by Ocean house Media definitely deserves to be in your collection.This kids iPad app consists of funny images, famous songs and presents.
Sony Tablet S
As seen on iPadAppsHost - There are 3 different ways of reading this amazing iPad Christmas app. “Read to Me” is a perfect one because you will have a chance to read the story with highlighted words. “Read it Myself” it’s a traditional way of reading the book. “Auto play” will automatically work and help you to turn page by page.

QWERTY is Dad's preference for any e-tool (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc...).

Here's 's Top 5 QWERTY phones

And finally, an ultimate gadget site is (drum roll please!)
T3 !!! With the AppChart, you can find apps based on your device. Also, get the latest news and apps updates. (i.e. iPHon)

We enjoy our apps and the tech gadgets and mobile devices. Well, here's a word of caution.

  PBS From PBS MediaShift: have you switched from print to digital magazine subscriptions? Was it worth it?
Buying that new iPad, Kindle or Nook for Christmas is just the first step to becoming a digital magazine reader. While shopping for books and movies is a fairly straightforward process, getting your favorite magazines onto your new e-reading device can be trickier.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus

...ending on a positive note

  Jewish iPhone

Israeli startup My First App released 15 educational iPad apps for kids aged 2-8.   
First and only Hanukkah Augmented Reality iPhone app called Menorapp created by Israeli developers.  Hanukiyah for a mitzvah of lighting candles. Learn how to sing the Hanukkah blessings and listen to songs.

Put an iPad or iPhone Train Set under Your Tree with iRunTrains 2.0.0
Photobricks Team Releases LEGO Mosaic Software for iPhone/iPod touch

Atomic Floyd SuperDarts
Hope you enjoyed our APPy Holidays!
Stay tuned for APPyville!
In 2012, we endeavor to include a relevant APP with each blog post!
Let us know if you have any suggestions.

[BTW: VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder and the tape is a VHS.  Now, what does VHS mean?]
Happy Holidays!

Honorable Mentions -
Apps Playground

Motorola Razr
iTouchiLearn Feelings Helps Kids Identify and Communicate Emotions
PegLight 2 v1.0 Free for iOS – Color Pegs Drawing Tool for Kids Improved
Award Winning Drawing Pad iPad App Announces Three New Coloring Books
PhatWare Releases WritePad for iPhone, Offering Multilingual Handwriting
BabyFirst Encyclopedia 1.3 released for iOS – Early Learning App
WakeApp, the Scientific Alarm Clock & Sleep Recorder App for the iPhone app

Tables courtesy of CNET

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