Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Playing on Grass --- A Sensory Challenge

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 After over a year of avoiding playing outdoors and particularly, on grass, we encouraged our then 3 year old son with tactile sensitiveness to tolerate walking on grass. That Mother's Day was an outdoors celebration. We observed him cleverly using whatever items were on the ground to get from the living room to the reclining lawn chairs. We weren't going to carry him, anymore. So towels, clothing, mats, flat-surfaced toys, whatever was available, he wisely used as a bridge to his favorite outdoor furniture. We were so proud and amused by his effort, insight and persistence in enjoying the day.
Next, our son climbed on each chair to get to his favorite inflatable bounce toy. After awhile, we moved his toy farther away from the chairs. Of course, he protested, tried to get us to carry him, repositioned the ...
grass-avoidance objects. Still, there was some uncovered areas that would expose his feet to the grass. But, he pranced on his tippy-toes to the bouncer! Within an hour or 2, our son was simply ran across the grass, on tippy-toes to the lawn chairs, bouncer and back inside without focusing that much on how the grass felt. He was so motivated by the activities, family fun, and enjoying nature.
Sensory processing integration, wit, acclimation and motivation helped us enjoy outdoor fun. This was the best Mother's Day!
Fast-forward --- It's been nearly 4 years that triumphant Mommy day. Our son readily plays outdoors, yes, sometimes still on his tippy-toes, most often wearing foot apparel, seldom when it's over 80 degrees temp., but always when it's swimming pool it's time! Earlier this month, he enjoyed an inclusive 'Reading Reward Water Fun Day' at his elementary school. We will continue to persevere with Autism, Sensory Processing Dysfunction and Semantic Pragmatic Language Disorder. We believe that "Life on the Autism Spectrum can be Enjoyable." http://. [comments submitted by Brenda Lee Cosse' in response to postfamilyenjoyinghi5autism.blogspot.com

 5 Ways to Make Short Work of Sensory Diets with Long Grass

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