Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let's Face It

Let's Face It! is a joint project between the University of Victoria Brain and Cognition Lab and the Yale Child Study Centre. The program is a multimedia, computer-based intervention that is designed to teach face processing skills to children with autism. Research has shown that in addition to their difficulties with language and social communication, children with autism may experience difficulties in their ability to recognize facial identity and emotions. Our goal is to design, implement, and evaluate science-based interventions in face processing based on research findings in psychology and neuroscience. 

The Let's Face It! (LFI!) program guides the child through a series of engaging, interactive game modules designed to teach basic face processing skills. The games are further described in the Computer Fun section on this site. For further information into the research background and context in which LFI! has been created, please check out our Face Activities page. These activities were created so that parents, teachers and interventionists can get the most out of the LFI! program.

The Let's Face It! (LFI!) group is composed of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students from the Cognitive and Brain Sciences program at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia. The group's mission is to develop state-of-the-art interventions in face processing for children with autism spectrum disorders and children with specialized learning needs. The LFI! interventions are science-based and grounded in the latest research findings from our lab: VizCogLab

We are committed to an integrative inreach/outreach model of intervention where parents, teachers, practitioners and children play an active role in shaping the goals and content of our treatment programs.

  Let's Face It

The LFI! interventions incorporate cutting-edge computer technologies with practical, hands-on materials.


Recent Let's Face It! outeach efforts are being supported by the University of Victoria's new Centre for Autism Research, Technology and Education (CARTE). Please visit our new website to learn all about CARTE!

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