Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Referral: The People who 'ARE' the 'R' word


Blog Referral: The People who 'ARE' the 'R' word  

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Rolling Around In My Head - People Who 'Are' the 'R' word - A Blog by Dave Hingsburger

If you don't know what the 'R' word is about, search our archived blog posts.  We have discussed our support to remove the 'R'word from all governmental documents, medical  and academic journals, as well as, educational appraisal classifications!

We refuse to refer to our 5 year old son as the 'R' word, just like we do not want to use the 'disorder' word when acknowledging his diagnosis of being on the autism spectrum.

If you do not know what words to use to refer to people with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and the like, try the following entities:

    There are many more agencies and organizations and programs that use positive, motivating, appropriate terms to refer to individuals with mental/cognitive disabilities.

     Make sure you correct, inform and instruct others of your choice not to use the 'R' word or have the 'R' word used to refer to others who you are affiliated with in the disability community!

    Stay informed.  Be progressive.  Advocate.


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