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FYI - LaTEACH Action Alert - LA BESE Bulletin 741 Oct. Vote

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Upon learning about our son's autism diagnosing and developmental delays, we joined several local organizations that we hoped would help us maneuver through this new stage of life - raising a child with a developmental disability.
This is what we posted on our Facebook webpage with the same title as our Google blog.  Also, it has a Discussion tab where we post weekly topics of interst to individuals and caretakers of people with disabilities.

"Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience" ACTION ALERT - Bulletin 741 may be revised during the October Meeting for the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Please Contact Your BESE Member. Go to this alert link at via #constantcontact. This link will direct you to BESE contact info., a sample letter and background info. on Bulletin 741.

To locate your BESE Member on a virtual map, go to (

This education alert is sent courtesy of LA Together Educating All Children(LaTEACH). Join our Mailing List: LaTEACH 2927 Hodges Street

Lake Charles, Louisiana 70605337.436.2570; email LaTEACH corresponds via Facebook, too.

Please Contact Your BESE Member

1. Contact your BESE member and let them know you do not support allowing Local Education Agencies to increase the number of Carnegie Units required to receive a state diploma. This is being considered for students who attend schools with block scheduling.

We wrote in our letter to our BESE Member,

"(We are the Parents of) a 5 year old in School District 15. Our son enjoys bowling, nature walks, computers, riding school bus 183, Sensory Room activities, libraries and attending                     sensory-friendly films at the movie theatre.

(We are writing) you today about our son's future. Since February 2009, he has attended a            Pre-School Early Intervention Program."
"We believe that Parents should have the choice of how their child receives a free and appropriate public education.  Likewise, we believe that Parents are the key factors in the success of their child at school."
"We do not want Students who require a special education to take the 'easy road' to graduation day.  We want our Students with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mobility issues, auditory limitations and visual impairments and developmental delays to take the fair and equitable road to receiving an appropriate education."
"All children deserve the choice of  a free and appropriate public education.  All Students deserve a fair and equitable education. We sincerely ask that you please choose wisely and compassionately with regards to Bulletin 741. We know that decisions chosen today can either positively or adversely affect our son's matriculation, as well as, his potential graduation in 2024."
We closed this email with thanking our BESE Member for serving and requested a note of receival.
Refer to LaTEACH Action Alert - Bulletin 741 LA BESE


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