Tuesday, October 12, 2010

'Worth STARING at...!'

DERBY, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 04:  House o..."House of Gardens" 'Letter' Sculpture of artist Jaume Plensa -Image by Getty Images via @daylife

This series 'Worth STARING at...!' is inspired by another one of our blog posts, entitled 'STARING IS RUDE!...unless you're in Cote d
Azure(`10.9.10)  In that blog, we recounted how we felt when people STARE at our son's uniquely different behavior as he plays.

Today, we feature a sculpture by artist Jaume Plensa, which we think is 'Worth STARING at...!' 

Our son enjoys objects that have intricate details, dangling and manipulative parts which offer an opportunity for him to analyze, dissect, meditate on and deduce how it is made and how it works. 
Artist Jaume's pieces are just that!  We have named them 'letter' sculptures.  Although each sculptor has a specific name, sculptor Plensa appears to have made them all by intertwining metal that intricately produces a maze of continuously connecting letters.  Amazing!

Additionally, our son equally enjoys the alphabets.  He has recognized the alphabets since he was a baby.  By the age of 1, he could say and place each letter in proper order.  Also, he was beginning to write the alphabets with whatever writing tool he got his hands on.  By the age of 2, he could phonetically pronounce all of them.  At the age of 3, he learned how to sign language them while attending a PreSchool Early Intervention Program at his district public school. We explained to his first Teacher, that our son liked alphabets. He enjoys watching the Youtube videos of the 'signing' of letters, especially if music accompanies the demonstration and a child was involved.  Fortunately, this special education instructor had an extensive background in the American sign language techniques.  We are grateful that she spent his first year commuicating with him via sign language.  This really helped our son to open up and start 'communicating' at his new school.

So the combination of intricate art objects and lettering is a big treat for our son! 

When we discovered the art work of Jaume Plensa - we thought - with these unique 'letter' sculptures, our son could enjoy the best of 2 dynamics - intricate objects and the alphabets!

Artists Plensa's 'letter' sculptors (as we call them) really excite our son!  At the same time, we use them to help him focus when he has had a very intense day of therapies.  When our son reveals sensory integration issues, we use photos of Jaume's sculptures to relax our son.  To diminish the effects of  sensory processing deficiencies, we ask him to focus intensely on the intricate maze of letters.  As he does this, the feelings and affects of an overstimulating environment and experiences slowly subside.  Afterwards, our son is able to independently choose what else he wants to do with his day.  Otherwise, if we have activities planned, Plensa's artpieces serve as a good transition object.  Likewise, our son engages in repetitive hand gestures, recitations and viewings.  Searching for, Pointing at and Calling out those numerous letters in the sculptures, truly gives our son an opportunity to direct that energy in a positive way.  Sometimes, he is so engrossed in the artpieces, he just stands there and STARES.  After being redirected to view Plensa's 'letter' art on a computer or a hard copy, our son is more receptive to continuing his productive day.

We think a good project is collecting copies of Jaume Plensa's 'letter' sculptures and making a photo album.  Then, when you travel to a doctors appointment, take a long car ride, need to decompress or just need to redirect, your Plensa 'letter' sculpture booklet will be on hand. 

Ultimately, we would like to take him to see the various 'letter' sculptures in person!
We know that a 3 dimensional viewing and touching will be a great exploration for our son!

Thus, we will periodically feature the art work of Jaume Plensa.  Maybe, other individuals with a special eye for detail will enjoy these 'letter' sculptures, too.

Here is a statement about today's featured sculpture: House of Knowledge by artist Jaume Plensa

DERBY, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 04: House of Knowledge by artist Jaume Plensa stands in   the gardens of Chatsworth House on 4 September, 2008, Chatsworth, England. 
The exhibition Beyond Limits is the third display of modern and contemporary sculpture
in the gardens of Chatsworth by Sotherby's. More than 20 works will be on display from 9 September
to 2 November 2008. In past years acclaimed artists Damien Hirst, Antony Gormley, Salvador Dali and Henry Moore have had work exhibited. [Getty Images 25 months ago (daylife.com)]

We think that Jaume Plensa's 'letter' sculptures are 'uniquely different' just like our son.

Both are 'Worth STARING at...!"

Jaume Plensa (born 1955 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) is an internationally renowned contemporary artist and sculptor.  One of Jaume Plensa's most notable art works is the House of Knowledge which stands in the gardens of Chatsworth House by Sotheby's on 4 September, 2008, Chatsworth, England.
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