Monday, August 16, 2010

Stop All School Bullying!


(WE) say, "Let's start and maintain every school year with the right, positive attitude and actions. NO BULLYING! Unfortunately, many of our special needs students experience bullying while they are pursuing their FAPE, in an inclusive and LRE that embraces PBS. (Schools) are designed to produce academic excellence.  Behavior is a Discipline component of education.  We are to prepare our children to be productive citizens. Parents, Teachers, Administrators and fellow Students, don't ignore these counterproductive behaviors. Instead, TAKE ACTION!" --Read 'Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli Speaks at the Department of Education Bullying Summit'.


Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli
Speaks  at the Department of Education’s
Bullying Summit

Washington, D.C. ~ Thursday, August 12, 2010 - Good morning and thank you. I am very happy to be joining you today on behalf of the Department of Justice. It is great to see Secretary Duncan and the Department of Education taking leadership on this important issue through this Anti-Bullying Summit. The Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools is doing great work, and I’m pleased to be with all of you here today.

I am pleased to be here for two reasons. First and foremost, I am a parent. I have two sons, and, like all parents, I want them to have every opportunity in life. I know that education will be their key, as it was for me. To that end, I want my sons to be safe in school, and without fear of harassment by fellow students. Our nation’s children deserve a learning environment that allows them to reach their full potential, and no child should be scared to go to school because of bullying. What all of you in this room are doing matters to me personally.

[Read the entire bullying summit speech by Associate Attorney General T. Perrelli at the following US Dept. of Justice link ]

Has your child experienced bullying at school?

What was your child's reaction?

What was your child's peers reactions?

What was your child's teacher's reaction?

What was your child's school's(administration) reaction?

What was your reaction?

Are your child and the other student who perpetrated the bullying now friends?


Note:  FAPE, LRE, PBS are all terms used in the laws governing special education implementation. FAPE stands for Free and Appropriate Public Education.  LRE stands for Least Restrictive Enviroment.  PBS stands for Positive Behavior SupportIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act(IDEA) is one of the laws that outline the education of children with special needs.  Consult with your school's counselor or administration for more information.

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