Monday, July 23, 2012

AppAbles giving "advice to Special Needs Parents and Teachers"

Hi5! AppAbles is "trying to make he world of apps clearer for those with Special Needs." AppAbles "promotes apps (and their Developers) that benefit the Special Needs Community."

AppAbles shares 2 codes for a picture exchange communication AAC iPad app called 'So Much 2 Say'. This Augmentative and Alternative Communication app is designed for those with cognitive and language impairment. With Drag 'n Drop Network Sharing Feature, you can copy cards/categories to/from other iPads. More features are: include your photos and record our voice. Learn more about this AAC app by 'Close 2 Home Apps, LLC.

Also, AppAbles shares 'The Story Mouse Talking Books' "bookshelf filled with all the classic Fairy Tales from your youth." 'The Story Mouse' app "actually looks and reads like a real book." download for FREE with the FREE 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' book! This app offers 13 Top In-Apps in iTunes (iPad/iPhone) with downloadable audio books via 'The Story Mouse' website. Read the Q & A at
AppAble: The Story Mouse Talking Books: The Story Mouse Talking Books App is like your very own bookshelf filled with all the classic Fairy Tales from your youth. Mix that ...

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