Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Achieving in the Workforce

An Arcadia Windows and Doors employee works in the company's factory    In 2005, The Arc NCR established a business partnership with Acadia Windows and Doors in Baltimore. This partnership has employed over nine workers with intellectual and developmental disabilities from The Arc NCR to date with great success. Today, five of those workers are making a difference on the manufacturing floor by performing tasks resulting in production line improvements. They earn wages comparable to people without disabilities doing the same job for Acadia and interact with their peers at the company in an integrated work environment.
Achieving in the Workforce with Acadia Windows and Doors | The Arc Blog
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"Hi5!  Thanks The Arc for sharing this successful job opportunity!  Your endeavors with business partners is vital.  People with Autism desire to, are able to and do work. Having a Developmental or Intellectual Disability should not be viewed as an undesired employee.  Congratulations Jessica Markle and fellow autistic coworkers for showing your value!  "As a result of employing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Acadia Windows & Doors has a safer work environment and was awarded the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Award from OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) in 2007 and again in 2011."
 Also, enjoyed knowing what Acadia’s Vice President of Manufacturing, Neill Christopher, had to say about this partnership with The Arc NCR.  As a Parent of a child living on the Autism Spectrum, this partnership gives me and other families hope and confidence about a productive future.
In closing, been sharing this The Arc article since you texted it via Twitter yesterday. "People with disAbilities are Value-ABLE." Mrs. Cosse', Wife, 'spectrum' Mom, Blogger,'Partner in Policymaking', Social Networker, and disAbility Rights Advocate

Employment for transitioning Young Adults with a disability -http://disability.about.com/b/2012/07/09/employment-for-disabled-young-adults.htm

Employment for Disabled Young Adults

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