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Autistic Youth and the Justice System -- Loughborough University - Consultation Document

consultation document -
Informing the development of a research study investigating:  The Criminal Justice System Experiences of Young Suspects, Defendents, and Offenders with Asperger's syndrome and other Autistic Spectrum Conditions.  Ann Browning, Ph.D. Researcher, Loughborough University - July 2012
Ann Browning, a Doctoral Research Student · 2011 to present (at Loughborough University) is
"Researching the experiences of young people with autism who encounter the various criminal justice agencies." 
Loughborough University - July 2012; and M.Phil/Ph.D studentship 2011-2014; Masters in Social Sciences Research; and North East Worcestershire College 1995 College — Maths

Ann Browning believes in "fairness and loathes discrimination in any way."
Loughborough University Ph.D. Researcher Ann Browning's  published work is: Browning, A. and Caulfield, L. (2011). 'The prevalence and treatment of people with Asperger's syndrome in the criminal justice system'. Criminal Justice and Criminology, 11, 2. Pp.165 [*See below for more cited references]

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