Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finding Evidence Based Programs for Reading and Math

As a special education teacher and tutor, I would like to know what are good reading programs up to high school level?
What about programs for math and writing through all the grades?
We recommend Orton-Gillingham based programs. These programs have over 60 years of research that supports their effectiveness and they work for everyone.
It’s hard to understand why schools resist using them.
Orton-Gillingham based programs include Wilson and Slingerland. Lindamood-Bell is also good.
Direct Instruction has a good track record. This website contains information on Direct Instruction’s extensive and broad research base.
We have a topic page on Wrightslaw about Reading and Writing here:
Here’s a “one stop shopping” resource that will answer some of your questions about evidence based reading and math programs at different education levels.
Find out which educational programs have been successfully evaluated in valid research.
Not many math programs have solid research to support them.
If you go to the Best Evidence site, and click Reading and “Beginning,” you’ll see 3 programs that have “strong evidence of effectiveness.”
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