Thursday, July 26, 2012

fan the flames & carry the virtual torch!

Watch the Torch Relay live    So we didn't get to check off  'Attend the Olympics' family bucket list!
More like a realistic staycation instead of our olympic-size vacation...

Well, we still have many ways to enjoy the celebrations.
So, let's charge that e-tablet, log in to our social network accounts, skype with friends, hangout on Google+ , take awesome HD pics from our smart-phones and post to Flickr.

Is there anyway to watch the games in 3D or Real-D?  Our son would enjoy that!

Serving 5 symbolic Olympic foods every viewing! {Hint:  Foods from 5 countries; or favorite dishes by your favorite Olympians; serve food in circular-shaped or olympic-themed dinnerware}

donning our penta(5) olympic-ring gear, too

 Hi5! we're right in the virtual fans stand having fun!

pin it, hangout, post, cloud, iBook, tweet, share and carry the virtual torch!

Let's fan the flames!

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'Enjoying The Hi-5's of Autism - A Family Experience' enjoys Olympians who are homeschooled.
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Thumbnail of KBJCosse' -
KBJCosse' -
8/2/2012-THE CONGRATS ROLL IN (1:36 ET): "Congrats @gabrielledoug! You are the Olympic all around champion and you deserve it girl!" (Jordyn Wieber, via Twitter) GOLD FOR GABBY (1:16 ET): "Gabby Douglas wins the gold medal! History is made in the gymnastics venue. African-American Gabby Douglas wins the all-around gold medal over Russia's Victoria Komova. What an historic moment." (Brennan) - London Summer Olympics 2012 -

Gabrielle Douglas, gymnast. Joe Klamar/Getty Images
"Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me."
{1st All-Around Gold Medal Winner:  Team USA & Individual Gymnastics
- London 2012 Summer Olympics - August 8th!}

2012 US Olympian, US Olympic Trials All-Around Champion, 2011 World Champion & 3x US National Team Member! Love my family, dogs & most importantly God :)

Virginia Beach, VA ·

The Lumpy Clay Chronicle....: Olympic Athletes Homeschooled!  (Gabriel 'Gabby' Douglas is homeschooled!)
 Parents Choice Blog features News Special Covers Young U.S. Olympians by Ashley Mannetta

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