Sunday, October 16, 2011


Are you an IMPACT for any global disability platforms?
Around the world, collaborative endeavors are positively Impacting the lives of individuals experiencing disabilities. 
Non-profits, governments, businesses, schools, athletic associations, neighborhoods, leadership organizations, youth, universities, community groups, disability agencies, family forums, charities, private foundations and many more entities are making a disability Impact.
Find a way to Impact individuals with disabilities in your community.

We are living proof in Louisiana! Our 6 year old son has been an e-gagdet/techno-kid since 6 months old. At the onset of Regression, we observed that at at 2 years, he would 'talk' more and more clearly when he interacted with the tv/dvd/laptop/radio/cd/electronic educational games and similar devices. Currently, his Mild/Moderate and General Education Teachers observe that our son is more expr...
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Educators, caregivers and entrepreneurs alike are unleashing the power of mobile devices and software applications to boost the brainpower adults and children alike.


in support of

Impact provides services to support people
with disability and mental illness
to live their life to the fullest….their way

Impacts Y-pod (Young Person’s Own Direction)

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